Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Review - Neosporin Lip Health Daily Hydration Therapy

Restores visibly healthier lips by:

  • Locking-in moisture
  • Reducing scaling
  • Improving healthy lip tone
I am a certified lip balm/gloss lunatic! I believe that lips need daily moisture in order to look better with or without lipstick. When I got this, I was very intrigued. It promises visibly healthier lips in 3 days. I never though Neosporin would make something like this since they usually make first-aid products.
OK the good is, it has SPF 20 which is a plus. The bad is that it tastes like medicine! Which really sucked because I liked this so much! If they made this in flavors, maybe it would be better. As for the healthier lips in 3 days, I think it did what it was supposed to.

Hillary says: I couldn't disagree more with Sultana! I am LOVING this stuff! It has saved my always dry lips. I've got this one, which is the day formula, and the night formula. I've been using them religiously and I've noticed a vast improvement in the state of my lips. I'm not sure it only took 3 days, but I'm officially hooked and I'm getting a little down thinking about the fact that I've used most of both the day and the night formulas. Luckily it's totally affordable and you can find it at a lot of drugstores. I don't get a taste from it at all. The other day I left the house without lip balm and was 6 flights down on the street and seriously considered going back to my apartment to get some. I'm just that addicted. I have to admit that I was sceptical when I was contacted by the Neosporin folks to review their new lip balms, but I'm so glad I said yes. The level of moisture these products impart on your lips is comparable to department store lip balms I have owned. Ah, yes. And the day formula has my beloved SPF! These get 2 thumbs up from me. Oh, did I mention I got a time machine and went back to the 70's, so I now think that giving the thumbs up is hip? Just thought I'd add that.

Trish says: I have the Neosporin Overnight Renewal therapy - and so far it seems to work nicely as a night repair treatment. I recently ran out of my regular lip balm and started using this as a quick substitute because it was easily within reach. I know it's meant for nighttime renewing, but I really like this for daytime use! It seems to stay on for hours during the day, softens my lips, and adds that extra bit of moisture and fullness to my lips. So I can't complain, as a multi-tasking lip balm/repair therapy - I'm fully embracing this little gem of hydration! On a side note: I'm not too particular about lip balm - as long as it works and it doesn't dry out my lips, I'm pretty happy. With this lip balm, it works and doesn't cause any further complications - so I'm pretty pleased!

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