Monday, June 28, 2010

Review - 3LAB Perfect Cleansing Foam

choosA daily-use scrub that cleans deep below the skin's surface, yet is gentle enough to use every day for the most sensitive skin types. Preservative-free formula cleans without irritating the skin. Mild enough to use as a daily cleanser.

Sooo.... You'll all please note that the items I have been reviewing for the last day have all come to me complements of Beauty Fix. This one, specifically, is the one you don't actually have to choose. It is their special promotion of the time. Whats better is that I am taking all of the product info off the Nordstrom website, believe me I know a lot about Nordstrom and I know that they only choose the best of the best to sell at their stores.
I will go on to say that regardless of whether or not this Cleansing Foam is $55 I will definitely be repurchasing.... for life. I have never tried anything as wonderfully cleansing without being drying or too abrasive. There are little beads of something to exfoliate a little bit. It really foams up beautifully and gets all the makeup and everything built up from the day off your face. I don't even need to use my toner after.... there is NOTHING! I am so happy with the way my face looks and feels I might be tempted to never buy any other cleanser again! (well...that's probably not true since I'm super addicted to trying new things...) Suffice it to say this cleanser is AWESOME!

Melissa says: I also received this item from Beauty Fix. Like the name says, it is perfect. Honestly, you only need a small drop to get a really nice leather to cleanse your face. So, this is going to last a long time. It does a good job cleaning and it never dries out my skin or burns. Plus, it takes off make up easily, but doesn't strip away anything else. I'm a big fan and it just feels good after you are done.

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