Monday, April 20, 2009

Review - Dex New York Lipstick

Rich, creamy color and protective treatment in one. Perfect choice after dermatological procedures, such as lip collagen injections. Micro-bubbles continually release conditioners to keep lips soft and color fresh for hours.

Movie Maven says: I'm not a big lipstick-wearer; usually that honor is reserved for special occasions and/or stage performances. But when I do wear it, I like a bold color, something that says "What up, guys! I'm wearing lipstick today! Woooooo!" This Dex Lipstick in Fulton Street Currant is perfect - a deep, rich burgundy, definitely not as purple as the color sample you see on the website. Ladies with cool undertones will like this shade, regardless of whether you're rockin' a Snow White look (like me, with dark hair and pale skin), or are black and beautiful. (Blondes and redheads need not apply.) The lipstick is smooth and creamy, and doesn't flake, but the trade-off here is staying power: I put it on for a night out, so I only had to worry about it for a few hours, but if you're planning to wear it during the day, be prepared to reapply. And I know it's silly, but the packaging is really slick-looking: a gunmetal tube that makes it look expensive. Okay, it is a bit expensive, at $22. I probably wouldn't buy it myself, but frequent lipstick-wearers will appreciate the quality and moisturizing properties.

Sheba says: I have the Dex Lipstick in Tan and it is definitely one of the smoothest lipsticks I have used. It glides on and keeps your lips moisturized the whole time it is on. I have mentioned it over and over -- I am very hard on lipstick. It never lasts on me -- or should I say -- very seldom. So it came as no suprise that this Dex Lipstick did not have a lot of staying power on me. . . but this is not the lipstick's fault. I am unusually tough on lipsticks. So, it is not a problem -- I simply carry it with me to refresh it every so often. I have mixed this shade with a lighter shade, etc. I am a mixer. No matter what I did -- I used this one first as this feels so good and moist on -- then added the mix. It looked wonderful with everything. It is a keeper!!!

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