Monday, December 1, 2008

Review- Coola Face Suncare SPF 30 Cucumber

"Silky, transparent, age defying, and vitamin/antioxidant-rich, FACE is specially created to protect, hydrate, and soothe delicate facial skin. Formulated with twelve certified organic extracts including Cucumber, Rose Hips, and Comfrey that, among other benefits, help to tighten skin and stimulate healthy tissue growth."

Not to sound preachy, but I cannot stress enough how important it is for preventing premature aging to wear sunscreen every day! Even on cloudy days, %70 of the sun's damaging rays get through. Also, your sunscreen must contain either titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, avobenzone (Parsol 1789) or Mexoryl. Only these ingredients protect you from UVA (aging) rays.That said, Coola Face contains several UVB and 2 UVA protecting ingredients. Plus it has a high SPF of 30. It contains Shea butter and Retinyl Palmitate (a retinol). This cream has a wonderful cucumber scent (it also comes in unscented) and it feels weightless on the skin. If your current face lotion does not have sunscreen, you totally need this product. You can also use this alone as a daily moisturizer. This cream will be an indispensable part of my arsenal come spring/summer!

Sheba says: I am not waiting until spring/summer -- this is now in my 'must have' products. It is too late to preach to me -- I have the sun damage. So anything that can prevent any further damage is a Godsend -- especially when it works as well as this Coola Suncare Face SPF 30 Cucumber does. It does so much more than protect your face with all the wonderful ingredients that Hillary mentioned. First off, many products have SPF 15 -- which is okay. However, 30 should be required for facial products!! You do not need a lot of it and it applies so easily and is absorbed very quickly. Your face feels the difference immediately -- the dryness is gone and it feels wonderful. Meanwhile those ingredients are working on your skin once it has been absorbed. You cannot go wrong with this product. I like the cucumber scent and it is light enough. However, my next one will be the unscented. It is not often that you get a face moisturizer with so much working for your skin so don't let this slip by.

Amanda S. Says: Well of course, all of the above, but I also really like the smell and the minty cute container. I am not a big fan of pump / squeeze bottle moisturizers because I tend to make a mess. So that's another bonus.

CitySlicker Says: (Coola Suncare Face SPF 30 Cucumber) I am so in love with this... I know it’s weird to be reviewing a sunscreen during the cold winter months but I try to take the best care of my skin all year long so there isn’t a day where I don’t use sunscreen on my face and neck. What I love most about this line is that the cream is rich, thick and not oily, as so many sunscreens seem to deposit oil on my skin not true moisture that lasts all day… Coola does. I apply makeup over this and feel like my makeup is staying up and there are never any signs of flaking or peeling. I swear by this. I am known to rock the NIA 24. When you see the container it is small but I can get away with what seems like a smaller amount... I would rank this up at the tippity top of my sunscreen list. I will continue to use and surely spread the word to all who will list... Ladies / Gents get yourself some Coola, you will be amazed too!

Deedlejuse says: I am the youngest member of this blog. With that being said I would also like to stress the points above, of course I don't know quite as much about SPF protection as the ladies above, but I do know that if I want my skin to look as young and fresh as it does today five or ten years from now I need to take care of it. I also know that both my mother and grandmother (both sides) have had at least one type of skin cancer. My mom is actually going today to get a few "spots" checked out. So I use face cream with SPF, and apply copious amounts in the summer with the hopes that my skin will not develop all of the nasty things sun damage can cause. This Coola Suncare Face will keep me even more vigilant, because it feels like your putting on regular cream, and does not feel like your wearing anything on your face during the day. It soaks in in seconds, which is always my issue with facial sunblock, and doesn't leave your face smelling like cucumber. The scent is very nice while your using it though. I will be the twenty-something voice: IF YOU THINK YOUR TOO YOUNG TO WORRY ABOUT THIS YOU ARE WRONG!!! And seriously, try Coola, because I bet if you have a really good quality Sunblock for your face you'll actually use it!

Maria says: Well, well, well.....I have to admit I was reluctant to try this - (me: "it's not even summer and there's an SPF in my foundation, and I don't even like sunscreen in my moisturizer") I must admit that I am not a huge fan of a sunscreen in a moisturizer - I know - very very bad - but for some reason, on me, it doesn't work - it makes my makeup ball up, it casts a weird pallor on my skin, etc...the only one I've ever had any kind of success to speak of is Skinceuticals Physical SPF 30 - HOWEVER, I'm thinking that this Coola is quite cool. It's really, really nice. It does not feel like a sunscreen, sinks in jiffy quick, leaves your skin smooth but not greasy...and guess what? I don't care that it's December and sunny, warm days are now in the distant future - I'm going to use every last drop of this. Truly a great product. Well done.

Joyce says: Oh . . . yeah . . . A cream that performs like grease but doesn’t look or feel like grease on skin. In fact, it settles with an almost talc-like surface, which lets my mineral power go on smoothly and evenly. More-mature-skin heaven! I was sitting here working and my skin was feeling tight from the heat in my building. I thought it was a good time to try this cream. First: big yum on the top-note scent—like vanilla taffy. After the top-note settles, it’s wonderfully mellow. Second, my skin was feeling prickly, and calmed down immediately after I applied the cream. The information card that came with it said it can be used as an everyday moisturizer and I’m doing just that.

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