Sunday, November 30, 2008

Review - Barielle Total Foot Care Cream

"This luxurious conditioning formula softens and helps to eliminate calluses while healing chapped areas of your feet. Use it just twice a day, and your entire foot will be soft and silky. Gives you great looking and feeling feet."

Movie Maven says:
After just one use of this thick, creamy Barielle Total Foot Care Cream, my feet felt and looked noticeably better. I used it in the suggested way - I put it on before going to bed (while watching the Colbert Christmas Special, if you must know), put on cotton socks, and slept with them on. I actually cannot stand wearing socks while I'm asleep, but I wanted to get the full effect of the lotion, and I'm happy I did! My gnarly winter feet were softer and prettier already. I suspect that I will have to use it on a regular basis to get the full benefit, but as I said, I don't care for socks in bed. However, I may start putting it on at the beginning of the day as a test!

Deedlejuse says:
I totally agree with Movie Maven on this super rich, thick and creamy foot cream. I also used it before bed and wore socks, and my feet in the morning looked like they belonged to someone else. Or more specifically someone who wears socks and foot cream to bed regularly. It only took one use for them to look much nicer, but after a few weeks of using it every couple of nights my feet look, and feet amazing. They are so soft and less uncomfortable! I'm definitely sold on this cream.

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