Sunday, November 9, 2008

Review - Stonewall Kitchen Rosemary Lime Collection

Clean fragrant rosemary blended with invigorating lime offers the most refreshing aroma. These all natural products have been developed especially to be gentle, yet truly effective. Convenient Caddy also available includes one Hand Lotion and one Hand Soap. Fragrance and essential oils of Lemon and Parsley. Set of five contains Linen Spray, Hand and Soap Lotion, Dish Soap and Triple Milled Bar Soap. Our Soy Candle is long burning (up to 50 hours), burn virtually soot-free and are fashioned with a cotton wick.

I love Stonewall Kitchens merchandise. I can go on and on about their wonderful Martha Stewart approach to the home.. I recently got the chance to try some of their Rosemary Lime products and so far, I LOVE them.. The scent is crisp and clean, it's a perfect blend between a crisp citrusy lime and fresh rosemary blend.. I find myself taking sniffs constantly.. I got the

Rosemary Lime Hand Soap $9.95
This is a large container and is a bit expensive but it looks wonderful in the kitchen and works really nicely even on the dirtiest hands.. I find that is doesn't dry my hands out & my hands have been super dry, this soap doesn't add any more dryness at all. It's got a nice lather that rinses well and the scent doesn't linger on your hands so you can totally put on scented hand creme with no contradictions..

Rosemary Lime Soy Candle $12.95
This is a great kitchen candle.. It burns evenly and throws a wonderful scent in the kitchen, it's scrumptious.. I love it so much.. I can tell you this, if you are cooking something and you want to remove the scent, this is the candle to help out, the same crisp lime and waffling rosemary take over and make the joint smell fresh, clean and inviting, it's a small jar but it does last and these are so pretty that they make nice gifts too. . . they look like they are home made.

Rosemary Lime Hand Lotion $11.95
This is newest part of the collection that I have.. I had to have it so I got it a couple of weeks ago.. This is a nice creamy lotion that helps with my dry hands and is a perfect topper when you are done with the soap.. I find that one pump is enough and this doesn't make my skin greasy or slippery, the lotion absorbs quickly and feels like silk.. I will be rebuying these, I can't get enough of the scent!

Sheba says:

I received one of these candles in this scent as a gift. Wow, what a delightful scent. It is so very refreshing and does kill any unpleasant odors such as onion, fish, frying oil, etc. The air is so citrus clean with that little tang of Rosemary. I love fried scallops and do not have them that often. Actually I probably have fried foods at restaurants 99% of the time as I hate that heavy oily smell after frying in the house. However, that is no longer a problem -- this candle removes that lingering heavy odor and leaves the house smelling clean and light. I definitely recommend this particular candle -- especially for the kitchen. City Slicker is so right -- they make wonderful presents. The price is definitely on target for a candle with so much to offer. It is a soy candle and we all know how clean they burn. It will last and last and each and every time you use it -- it will deliver its wonderful fragrance.

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