Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Review - Watkins Lemon Cream Body Cream

Shea and cocoa butters blended with natural oils provide extraordinary skin softening abilities. Great for in-home manicures, pedicures and hand massages

Not tested on animals

So, I was recently at a trade-show for all natural products recruiting for my store. The best part about trade shows is that you get a-bajillion samples of an insane number of products. In most cases I was relatively unimpressed with the samples of detoxifying P.M. deodorants, and detoxifying foot pads. ( imagine all of the crazy all-natural things people come up with and then throw all those people into one room so they can try to sell their crazy products to whomever walks past them) So, I have been dutifully trying everything in my goody bag, thinking about what might work for me when I opened a little pouch of heaven. This Lemon Cream Body Cream smells like cake, or lemon mousse, or some other delicious desserty kind of thing. It leaves your skin eadibaly soft, and soaks in in a few seconds. Watkins is a brand that has been around forever, and is sort of like the go-to place for all natural, never tested on animals, and inexpensive body products. They just work, but I don't think any of them smell better than this Lemon Cream.

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