Saturday, November 22, 2008

Review- Covergirl VolumeExact Mascara

Flexible, rubber bristles. An anti-clump formula. Tons of Volume.

Okay, call me fickle. I'm in love again. I haven't fallen far away from my recent love, more like falling for his best friend. I previously swore up and down that Covergirl LashExact (see review here) was the best drug store brand mascara on the market. Now, of course, it's according to whether you're going for length (Lash) or volume as your primary concern. I usually go for lengthening, but the VolumeExact does a wonderful job of volumizing while adding a bit of length so you get the best of both worlds. True, if I got to choose my overall favorite, it would be Exceptionnel de Chanel mascara (see review here), but do I seriously have the $28 to plunk down every few months for mascara that is just vaguely more volumizing than this $7.49 gem? Or would I bother for the minor differences between them? Not on your life. But keep in mind next time you're shopping for mascara, VolumeExact does compare favorably with the Exceptionnel de Chanel mascara. That should make you feel like you're getting a steal (which you are for the quality!).

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