Sunday, November 23, 2008

Review- Lush Honey I Washed the Kids Soap

"Sweet honey heaven cleanses and moisturizes sensitive skin. Imagine pulling the comb straight out of the hive, slathering that divine honey all over, then being showered by a delicate spring rain. Honey I Washed The Kids handmade soap calms sore, sensitive epidermis with a rich aloe vera lather and leaves skin silky smooth and deliciously satiated. Slight hints of bergamot and orange lift your spirit and lull you into an intoxicating honey bliss." $7.95

I know, I know it says I washed the kids. Well I don't have kids and this soap is way too good smelling for me to be a stickler for the rules. If you love the scent of honey, you will LOVE this soap. It's sweet without being sickly and it's fresh enough to make you smell scented, but clean. The bar does have a flaw though. The honeycomb-looking part of the bar is much harder than the gorgeously soft tan part. And it's a little sharp. I simply took the honeycomb part off of my soap and used the rest. The remainder of the soap is so wonderfully soft that I can see why it's recommended for children. This soap shouldn't even be called a soap (you know I think soap is a four-letter word). It should be called a moisturizing bar or something about lotion, because my skin doesn't need any further hydrating products when I use this soap. I've sniffed but not tried Lush products in the past, but now my interest is piqued. I guess I know what gift card I'll be asking dear old sis for!

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