Saturday, November 22, 2008

Review- Ace Nail Brush for Men

Man-sized, rubberized grip. Durable, short, slanted bristles & long, dense bristles.

"Hand it to ACE to think up the all-new nail brush, designed with an extra large, rubberized grip for man-sized hands, short, slanted bristles to scrub away grit under nails and long, dense bristles for cleaning outer nails and cuticles." $6.99

Dermot says:

Ace thought of everything a man could need with this brush. It's got a sturdy, full-sized handle, which is oval shaped for comfort. It has both the traditional placement of bristles across the bottom and a layer of slanted bristles on top. The bottom bristles are hard enough to do the job & the slanted bristles really "get right in there". It may not be as decorative as the unisex brush I usually use, but it makes up for that with effectiveness. My wife suggested it would make a great stocking stuffer & she's right.

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