Thursday, November 20, 2008

Review - Goody Add Shine Brush

Jojoba oil infused. For dull, damaged hair. Get shiny, silky hair with the Styling Therapy Jojoba Oil Brush collection. These finishing brushes feature flexible bristles that gently glide through hair. The natural ingredient, jojoba oil, infused on this brush: Helps repair dry and damaged hair. Smoothes the cuticle to calm frizziness and fly-a-ways. Leaves hair looking naturally silky and shiny. Made in China.

Have you every had a "this is my favorite hairbrush of all time" moment? No, neither have I, until.... I received this amazingly wonderful hairbrush by Goody. I'm officially in love, it is just the greatest thing. It has bristles that are actually made of soft rubber so they don't pull your hair, even when you have snags it just gently pulls them until they are gone. So you might have to brush a few more times, at least for me keeping my hair in my scalp is worth three or four extra brushes.... It also is infused with Jojoba Oil, so my hair looks shiny and smooth, even if I rolled out of bed with 10 minutes left until I need to leave for work. I have long blond very straight hair, but I definitely get those pesky fly-aways in the winter. With this brush my problem is solved, even with no extra product. The only problem is, if you are used to that scraping feeling on your scalp from hard plastic bristles you will not find them here. Now is that really a problem?

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