Saturday, November 29, 2008

Review - Shades (Barielle) Nail Polish

"Salon Strength Formula
Long lasting finish
Protective Barrier
High Shine
Size: .5 fl. oz. / 14.8 ml $8.00 Ea Buy any 2 Shades colors and get one free"

I tried this nail polish out in Passionate which is a very pretty medium pink. I found that it really goes on very smoothly and dried pretty quickly. Yes, there is the high shine they include in the description. I do think it has such a shine that you may not need a top coat. It definitely has the long lasting qualities that they mention. I have had it on for 4 or 5 days and not even one chip --I even caught one of my nails on something and snagged it -- but the polish stayed in place. I am the mixer with nail polishes and lipsticks and sometimes make up. Well, I gave this a frost that set it off wonderfully. I added a coat of plain white to lighten it and again I loved that. The price is high if you get just one bottle -- but pick 3 (it will be very easy once you get a glimpse of the many 'Shades') and you will only pay for two and get the third one for free. It seems to add some strength to my nails -- the snag was a freaky thing where I caught the nail and pulled on it. Their colors run the gamut -- I think everyone will find 'Shades' they love!!

Deedlejuse says: I have to agree with Sheba, again, on all of her points with this nail polish. I got a really cute, iridescent, translucent pink called Baretini. It is really cute, but takes at least two coats to show up. This, of course, is perfect for people who want their nail polish to be barely there, and also useable for those of us that like it to be bright and beautiful. I used it primarily on my toes, just because I really like toe nail polish, and it has been on for two weeks with no chips at all. Seriously you're going to have to reapply only because your nails have grown! I think thats a pretty amazing feat for nail polish. And, Like Sheba, I didn't need a top coat at all because the polish was so shiney. There are so many shades on their website I bet even the most outrageous tastes will be catered to!

CitySlicker Says: I have the Fortifying Nail Builder with Calcium Fluoride. I think I am the perfect person to test this out. I have dry nails that split, break, peel and look terrible. I go through times that I take great care of my nail then times where it slips from the forefront and I start seeing them deteriorate again.. I have been using this for almost 2 weeks and I am proud to announce that it really works well on nails that are one step away from being kept in my gloves full time. I have been applying daily and change it out about every 5 days. This goes on strong and stays strong. It doesn't build up dry out and peel off like some of the other strengtheners on the market. I have noticed since using my nails are growing, they looks healthier and aren't breaking as much. I will continue to use and by the time Santa comes down my chimney I might be able to pick the tiniest cookie crumbs from his beard with the tips of my nails. I will continue to use and rebuy - this is a results orientated product.

Hillary says: I hate to disagree with the other reviewers, but I did not have such a positive experience with my color of Barielle Shades Nail Polish. Mine is a poppy red called "Ecstasy" but instead of ecstatic, it made me a little perturbed. All 3 times I used it, with different base and top coats, it chipped the same day. And kept on chipping. I have tons of nailpolish and I have noticed that to a degree, different colors within the same line can have different wear lives. We'll have to wait for the other reviews to see whether it happens with anyone else's shade, but I recommend staying away from the "Ecstacy"- in all its forms.

Amanda S. Says: Well Hillary, looks like we're on the same page again. Sure, I loved the color and the shine of the polish, but on my toes it chipped off the tips of my big toenails by the end of the day at work wearing heels :( which really bummed me out.

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