Monday, November 24, 2008

Review - Mineral Essence Eyeshadow and Brush

"Whether you want a hint of subtle color, a splash of glamour or simply want to accentuate your natural beauty; these velvety smooth, crease-proof formulas offer a variety of gorgeous, long-lasting effects to choose from."

This loose mineral eyeshadow, made from natural ingredients and enriched with vitamins, is a nice product. I'm not going to say it's my new obsession, but it's definitely Top Ten material. I got it in 24K, which (as you might infer) is a gold shade. In the package, it appears to be a rather sheer gold, but once you put it on, the color is richer than anticipated, making it better for a night out on the town than a day at the office. When I did put it on, though, it stayed in place for the day, but not into the night - a girl might need to reapply if she decided to rock the gold for more than just a few hours. Since I'll be using this for evenings from now on, however, I don't see that as a drawback. My favorite feature of this product was actually the packaging: instead of dipping the eyeshadow brush (sold separately) directly into the powder, a shaker top is provided underneath the lid, allowing you to shake out just a little, making it easier to load up the right amount on your brush. Speaking of the brush - it's a fine little guy, with soft bristles that let you capture enough of the loose powder to put on, but it's also easy to knock a bit off if you find you've overdone it. Overall, a solid product.

Deedlejuse Says: I got this eyeshadow in Chocolate, a perfect shade for lining the eyes. The brush I received was also a lining brush so they must have meant for it to act as a liner. The brush is really nice, very fine so you have plenty of control, and it has a smudge sponge on the end. The eyeshadow is kind of hard to use. I'm not that good at applying loose powder eyeshadow, so I have to be really careful with such a precise line. It stays on for most of the day though, and is pretty highly pigmented so you only need to use one or two layers to get a defined line. In the future I might try a shade that is more for all over coverage (I'd like to try the 24K!) because I really like the idea and the product, I just don't trust myself with lining via mineral.

CitySlicker Says: I didn’t get a shadow but I got the Mineral Essence Shimmer in Pure Bronze – when you see the color online the color I received is much deeper and a lot more bronzy. This can be used on the lips, face and eyes so I am pretty psyched about that! A three in one for only $16.00... The pot is small so when using this with my big bronzer brush I have trouble tapping the excess back into the pot so I do it over a clean piece of paper to be able to funnel the extras right back to where they belong. This product instantly gives my face a warm glow that truly gives off a healthy complexion. I have used a little on my eyes more like a liner and with my hazel eyes it brings out the golden flecks, very pretty if I say so myself. I find that this wears throughout the day on my face but when using on the eyes it does feather and spread a little so the next time I applied I used it with a damp brush and got all day wear out of it. This line has something for everyone with price points that don’t make you cringe... This will last forever and it’s filled with lots of shimmer for all you gals that like reflecting qualities...

Sheba says: My Mineral Essence Eyeshadow selection is Mocha. Let me say I have been dying to try a shadow in this color range since watching different makeup artists on various television shows. They use a multitude of colors. Yet, I have noticed any color/shade near this particular shade gave a beautiful definition to most any color eye and I noticed they use it to highlight also. At first I thought it was boring until I saw just what they were able to accomplish with it. My eyes are hazel and I first used my Laura Geller primer which I have already raved about in its own review. Next I applied this shadow and Movie Maven is dead on about the shaker top -- it is so much easier to use it with that in place! It really went on so smoothly and the primer helped to disguise some of the crepes in my skin there--the shadow looks terrific. I tried it different ways on different days. One day -- fully on the lids. Another day, in the crease and another as a highlighter. I could not mess up with it: it worked and looked wonderful no matter what I did with it. The color has perfect intensity and it does make your eyes pop -- in a very good way. The price is reasonable, especially for the quality of the product you get.

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