Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Review- Styling Therapy, Reduce Dandruff , Copper Infused” hairbrush

Even if copper wasn't proven to help with dandruff, this brush is pretty rad. It's super soft and cushy so it doesn't feel like it's ripping my scalp to pieces. I tend to get flaky problems with my scalp especially during the more dry times of the year (which really sucks, let's be honest, because I wear black a lot and have jet black hair). I've used this for a few days and, from what I can tell, my scalp is actually less tight and itchy. I would totally recommend this to someone looking for a new cool brush, and hey, why not try it if you're flaky like me, the worst it could do was help a little.
Oh, almost forgot. You can get it at Target for $10 too.

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