Sunday, November 9, 2008

Review - Physicians Formula: Powder Finish Concealer Stick (SPF 15)

Oil-free formula.
Yellow hides dark under eye circles and other bluish skin discolorations.
Green hides scars, birthmarks, blemishes and other red discolorations.
Light covers any minor skin imperfections.
Protects sun-sensitive skin (SPF 15).

Of course we'd all like to never break out or have to use a concealer for anything on our faces, but this isn't a perfect world. This is the best cover up concealer I have ever used, as someone that gets red marks from blemishes that can last for weeks, over foundation or even just powder, this concealer (i use the green and/or the regular light) it lasts all day, doesn't wear off or rub off, and is a must have in my purse everywhere I go. The additional sunblock helps prevent the sun damage on a blemish that can make them ten times worse and can make them last longer. I absolutely require having this product and would recommend to anyone dissatisfied with their own concealer or cover up to give it a try.

Sheba says:

This is definitely one of the best concealer/corrector products I use. I also use the green and the regular concealer. The green does help mask those aggravating red marks I get while the regular concealer helps to disguise dark under eye problems. They recommend the yellow for under eye circles but I am only too happy with the job the regular concealer does. These products are a real Heaven-send to hide such problems. You can find them just about anywhere and there are frequent sales. I have found coupons in the newspaper for them and if you combine them with sales, you have yourself a great deal. Even the regular price is a very decent one. . . however, check for the sales first.

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