Thursday, November 6, 2008

Review - Molton Brown Lipsheer in Peach Blossom

An enriching translucent tinted lip balm infused with a rich blend of honey blossom, natural waxes and vitamin E. Super-protection against the ravages of the sun, wind and air conditioning.

So, ladies, I would never spend close to 14 American dollars on a tube of lip tint (the site goes through the UK). I found this little gem at my local T.J. Maxx, and I bet there might be one at your local T.J.X. store too. The price was a much more reasonable $7 for the tube that will probably last me around four months. The feeling of this little tube is wonderful, it glides on so smooth and moisturizes while it makes your lips look full, shiny and healthy. I am really diggin' the color, Peach Blossom is very sheer almost bronzy transluscent glow. It works well over your favorite lip color, or by itself. You can always count on Molton Brown to make a quality product, but now (hopefully for a while) you can find it for a reasonable price.
P.S. I love T.J.X.

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