Monday, November 3, 2008

Review- Derma e Pycnogenol Moisturizing Crème

Only derma e® has blended Pycnogenol® with Vitamins C, E and A in a light, fragrance-free moisturizing crème for normal to dry skin types. This powerful combination of antioxidants helps reduce inflammation, support microcirculation, diminish fine lines, and improve elasticity, leaving you with smoother, healthier looking skin. $29.95./2oz.

It is fragrance-free and lightly creamy. I found that my skin did feel soft and smooth after it set onto and into the skin (about 15 minutes); but my more mature skin felt as though it needed a little “more” of something. Maybe I’m just used to how a slightly heavier cream feels on the skin. I used it for a week and recognize that more dramatic results happen over time. I did notice a slight diminishing of the little lines around my eyes; and I appreciated how good base or mineral powder looked when I used this product. What was really noticeable was how smooth the skin under my eyes felt. Products designed for that area that I’ve used never made the skin there feel so good.

Sheba says:
I do like the fact that it is fragrance-free. It is just slightly creamy and was absorbed by my skin relatively quick. I have gotten used to the lighter creams after having used some of the heavier ones for a long time. I actually felt that the heavier ones might be doing me more damage as I felt my pores were more clogged when using them. I have noticed the appearance of lines being diminished and it is around the eyes as Joyce mentioned. I don't see that difference near my mouth, etc. However, I am grateful for the difference I do see. The skin feels very good and looks much smoother. I also wear mineral makeup and it does seem smoother and even more natural. I will definitely continue with this to see if the improvement continues to get even better or stays about the same. Either way, I will be happy. The cost seems reasonable for such an effective cream.

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