Monday, November 24, 2008

Review- Profound Beauty Glossary Shine Spray

"Captures and reflects light for shimmering shine on all hair types. Microprisms enhance haircolor tonality and highlights. Goes on clean and dry. Will not interfere or damage your style. Prevents frizz and flyaways. Protects against humidity. $41"

A lot of women could really use this product. If you're like me, you don't wash your hair every day (mine would be breaking off @ the roots if I did. But you usually end up with less-than-shiny hair on that second day. So what to do? Profound Beauty has found the answer in this lightweight aresol. This product weighs literally nothing on the hair, and adds a vibrant shine to hair in any condition. I've used it on my hair when it's straight and I've used it when I've worn the "tousled" look and both times it added considerable shine to my hair. My hair did not look greasy or weighed down in the least. The only drawback is the sticker shock I got when I saw the $41 price tag. But I can tell you that if you are looking for shine, I've never used another product like this one in it's shiny but not heavy quality. Except maybe the Profound Beauty Shine Cream (see review
here), but that goes on damp hair. Let me leave you with this, if you don't wash every day and you worry it's noticable, pick this up and the shine will throw them off your tracks!

Sheba says: Shine on!!! This does exactly what it claims and works as well as Hillary has said. I have tried some shine products with mixed results but Profound Beauty Glossary Shine Spray shined its way to the very top of the performers. It does not add any noticeable weight to your hair and cause helmut head look. I was afraid it might add just that much more weight to flatten my hair a bit -- but no, it did not. It gives you the appearance of wonderful, healthy, shiney , clean hair. It does not look like you sprayed your hair with plastic as I have had it the past -- it looks so very natural. The cost is really way up there for me but you do not need a lot so this will last forever. In between uses I will go with other shine products that also work well. This will be for the 'important times'. I am putting this on my Christmas List -- perhaps my husband will be caught up in the spirit and not mind spending some extra money. Ho ho ho!!

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