Saturday, November 8, 2008

Review - L'Oreal Full of It Volumizing Foam Spray

Studio Full Of It is a volumizing foam spray with strong hold that brings basic hair to the big-time and takes your straightforward strands to fabulous fullness. With ultra lightweight volumizers and flexible holding fixatives, Full Of It keeps your style in place so that the vivacious volume that results will leave you wanting for nothing.

I have fairly fine hair that tends to fall flat after about two hours, and when I got a new short bob haircut, I was worried about being able to keep it bouncy and cute all day long. At the salon, they used a volumizing spray to give it some lift, but I didn't want to spend 30 bucks on a salon brand (seriously, who has that kind of cash?). I took a gamble on this spray, and I hit the jackpot. I actually sprayed and blow-dried my hair at night, slept on it, and awoke with bouncy, full hair that actually stayed that way all day. I know it says "strong hold," but don't be alarmed - it looked and felt like my hair was completely au naturale. Basically, it's amazing. You can get it for $4.99 at Walgreens, but I got it for $3.89 at Bed, Bath and Beyond's expanded health and beauty section (check their website to see if a store near you has's almost always cheaper than your basic drugstore).

Sheba says:
This spray is a terrific buy. I actually just happened to hit upon it on EBay and now will be needing to keep a supply of it handy. I have usually had very good luck with anything L'Oreal and this is no exception. I use it in the morning when I am getting set for the day. It gives the appearance of the much needed extra body and yet your hair is still soft to the touch. I have been avoiding a lot of the 'strong' or 'extra strong' or 'extreme strong' sprays as they leave me with helmet head a lot of the time. This is an exception to that rule. It will give you that look of more texture and body and yet your hair does appear to be doing it naturally and that is what I want. The cost is so reasonable for what you get.

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