Thursday, November 27, 2008

Review - Studio I/M Parting Comb

Comfort Flex™ Spine minimizes breakage
o ProPlasmium Grip™ prevents slipping for added comfort and control
o Tourmaline adds shine, smoothes and reduces static
o Closely spaced teeth for backcombing or adding volume
o Ceramic to withstand 300’F
o Long tail for parting

Seriously, who knew there was such technology behind combs..... But I have to say it is totally worth it. I recently received a Goody Smoothing Hairbrush, and their I/M branded Parting Comb. My hair has never looked so beautiful. It might have to do with a recent change in shampoo (which will be a different review) but I don't think so. I am definitely charging Goody with my amazing new look. This comb is to-die-for, AND it's only five bucks! I'm in love. All of the things they mention above are true, and they make it super comfortable, easily controllable, and amazingly effective. Let me ask you, when was the last time someone with hair half-way down their back (but straight) told you honestly that they used a comb, and actually enjoyed the experience? The tail for parting is also very cool, I don't think I've actually used a parting comb in many years, so this was sort of a revelation. Like " Oh, is that how your supposed to do that" it totally makes sense, I just never thought about it before. Even if you don't think you need this comb, I bet you'll be happy if you got it!

CitySlicker Says: I have the Detangling Comb with Handle.. Is a comb just a comb? For me no.. this has been a little godsend. I have been using this mostly to assist in flat ironing my doo. This comb is good to go up to 300'F so I don't have to risk my fingers getting burned anymore. I am using this comb to separate smooth then iron. It does take a little longer and I did have to get over the urge to just use my hands. I am totally over it and find that this comb helps me out by ironing my smaller sections. The overall looks is much better. I will happily shell out a mere $6 for another but I know that this will last forever.

Hillary says: I have the 3-in-1 comb & I love it. I use it to blow-dry my bangs as I have a super hot hair dryer & these combs can really take the heat. This comb is 1 part wet hair comb (wide-toothed), 1 part straight hair comb (medium-toothed) and a pick at the end. I have to say I use the pick the most as I wear my hair "tousled" & that takes a decent amount of gel. The next day I have the choice to comb out the product and be a complete frizzball or pick it and keep the "touseled" look. I think it's clear what I do. And for $6 it saves you money as you no longer need 3 combs.

Joyce says: I have the parting comb and really like how it smoothes my hair but also seems to add fullness to my thin, fine hair. And, maybe I’m dreaming, but is that enhanced shine I see when I use this comb? Hmm . . . I’ll take it! Oh, and when I want to tease (my hair, that is), it does the job.

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