Saturday, November 22, 2008

Review - Lush Dream Cream

We take every natural ingredient aimed at transforming dry, bumpy and unhappy skin and combine them all into an epidermal elixir of excellence. This moisturizer helps you banish alligator elbows and impress that special someone with your baby-soft skin. Use a small dollop every night before bed and find your skin silky and comforted within days. This may look humble among LUSH's other products but it's truly the most gratifying.

Vegan, lots of organics, aaannnddd all natural, fortified with all the best essential oils! Yep, I would say this is totally my kind of product. I was skeptical at first, I have to admit, because the smell is SUPER natural, and it threw me. Also I applied it for the first time to dry cool skin, so it stayed really sticky and never completely dried, which did not leave me enthusiastic. But.... If you apply right after a nice warm shower right after toweling off it will dry completely, and not leave a hint of scent. Your skin will be beautifully moisturized and rejuvenated, and the best part is you really don't need a lot. I love this product, definitely on my Christmas list!

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