Thursday, November 6, 2008

Review- Archipelago Botanicals Home Candles (Soy)

Archipelago Botanicals Home Candles burn for more than 90 hours, delivering intoxicating fragrance to enhance your mood. Made our of a special soy wax blend that contains more than 50% natural soy wax, these Archipelago Botanicals candles burn longer and cleaner than regular candles.

I think, probably, that like 95% of people have smelled these candles somewhere or used them and already know they're ridiculously awesome. I've had a different version of an Archipelago candle burning away in our house for quite some time, but this one, part of a 'home collection' or something i believe, has got to be twice as big and also twice as nice. The scent I have is "Green Fig" and it's just delicious. As I've said before, we have a long linear apartment that is just rows of rooms. If I burn this candle at one end of the house, you can smell the scent softly in all the other rooms, it's absolutely perfect. I've burned it for over 2 hours total now, and it doesn't even look like it's burned at all. These are fantastic!

I don't know what a green fig smells like in real life. I don't know what any color of fig smells like in real life, unless you count Fig Newtons (which do smell delicious). I do, however, know that the Green Fig scent of this Archipelago candle is ridiculously wonderful, and lasts long after you've put the candle out. In the heat of summer, in a room where smoking occasionally happens, the room smelled lovely without being overpowering. I'm a girl who likes her scents subtle when it comes to room perfume, and this candle hits just the right notes.

Deedlejuse says:

Honestly, I adore these candles and I feel very lucky that I have found this brand! This candle is just as wonderful as the African Freesia that I sampled before, although in a very different way. The smell is very green, and sharp and clean. I love it and it is subtle but definitely there, and as mentioned above lingers long after you blow the candle out. This is a great quality candle, everything I have seen of Archipelago is great quality. I wouldn't hesitate to buy anything on their site, because I know I would be getting something wonderful!

CitySlicker Says:

I have been burning this candle daily. I have the Green Fig and I too don't know what a green fig smells like but I enjoy the lofty eco-green scent that fills the room.. The first thing that comes to mind is that it has a very light scent that isn't overpowering in my home. It does have a lot of scent but not heavy.. I can only compare this to the scent of another bamboo scented candle I have and that is a remote stretch.. It's really nice and a super huge candle to boot. I find that it burns completely evenly and throws fragrance quickly so you don't have to keep it lit forever to attain a scent throughout your home. I high recommend this line and don't be afraid of the name since it's different, it's really nice and a super green scent!

Sheba says:

Gee, I get to agree with every one else. . . this candle is like a breath of fresh air, especially compared to a lot of other lines of candles!! I had the Green Fig burning off and on for quite some time. Believe me, Archipelago Home Candles(Soy) last and last and last. Soy candles are so clean burning and then to add the refreshing scent of Green Fig to air surrounding me just creates such a nice atmosphere. It so invigorating and refreshing. It is able to make its way throughout my small home and just give off such a fresh, clean aroma. It is one way of bringing some freshness into the room when it is just a bit too cool to open a window. Actually, the scent from this candle might be better than the fresh air around here some days. I have opened the windows and run around shutting them quickly when I discovered that a skunk had been in the area. Those few minutes allowed the remnants from the little stinker to sneak in the windows. Well, this candle just swallowed up that stink in no time which means it is strong -- but at the same time it is not overbearing as many candles are. I have now used several of Archipelago's various scents and can truthfully say that not one of them has disappointed. Just pick any of their many scents, any scent(s) that you enjoy, and you will be very happy you did.

Hillary says:

When I opened the box of this candle, I couldn't believe the size of it! It's definitely oversized. It's 4 in. by 3 1/2 in. The last Archipelago candle I had was much smaller and it lasted over 6 months. I feel like I'll be burning this one a year. And as Martha says "That's a good thing". It smells like a combination of fruit and green. I haven't had a fig in years, but this candle makes me yearn for one. But when's the last time you saw fresh figs at your supermarket? Practically never. At least I have this delicious candle to tide me over. Another nifty thing about it is it is made of clean burning soy. In addition to being a great present to yourself, this would be an awesome holiday present. And Archipelago has a gazillion scents to choose from. These candles make Yankee Candles smell like they came from the $1 store!

Maria says:

You know, the problem with waiting to review products is that by the time you do, everyone else has said exactly what you'd say - and such is the case for the Green Fig candle by Archipelago. I loved my African Freesia candle - burned that one in my room the entire summer - and I'd let it go all day - it burned so clean - well, so far the Green Fig is doing the same. This is the time of year where I usually have cinnamon-y pumpkin-y candles burning, but because this scent is neither floral or fruity, it works for this season. It's very "green" scented if that makes sense - it's clean - natural - I've never smelled a scent like it - and I have a jaded nose as I smell any candle I've come in contact with. You know how you can spot the cheap ones or the ones that just give you a headache - well this candle does not do that. And it looks nice too! I'll say it again, Archipelago is just a quality, quality line. You just can't go wrong.

Joyce says:

Of our five senses, the one that triggers memories the fastest is the sense of smell. When I took my Green Fig candle from its box and inhaled its scent, I was taken back to childhood and the days of picking figs from the tree in my grandparents’ yard that were then simmered into sweet preserves. I love the size because when I enjoy a candle’s scent, I want it to last a long time. I also appreciate a candle that’s worth the money; and this candle promises 90 hours. I was a little too busy and focused to time it, but I can tell you I’d light it and let it burn for entire days as I worked in the same room. After using it often, I still have two inches left. Considering the 3.5 inch circumference of the glass container, I still have hours to go. It’s lit now, a little over two yards from where I sit, and I feel embraced by its freshness. Archipelago, not only do I thank you for a quality candle, but for the sweet memories as rich as my grandmother’s preserves.

Sheba says:
Guess what -- I found Archipelago Soy Candles in Cinnamon Spice at my local Home Goods for a fraction of their usual cost. It is actually labelled Holiday and I am betting they might very well be from last year's Holiday Season. I do not care -- they are as wonderful as if they were made yesterday. Hey, they have a cover on them to preserve that unbelievable scent. It is as full bodied as it was when they were first released. I have been burning one of them but I am holding on to the other for the Holidays. These candles just fill the home with the aroma of the Holidays and baking and everything you love about the Holidays. I have bought tons of Cinnamon candles and loved most of them but these stand out. They really are top of the line.

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