Saturday, November 22, 2008

Review- Laura Geller Spackle Under Makeup Primer Trio

Spackle is a unique under make up primer that creates a smooth palette for your make up. Non toxic silicone fills in fine lines while natural botanicals nourish your skin. The original, and still the best. Oil free formula. $25 for 2 oz.

Let me first start out by saying I could not find a listing for the primer trio. The kit I recieved had primer for eyes, lips and face. Since I can't find it, I'll just review what I did find, the face primer. I'd not been in the habit of using a foundation primer, but after using this, I'm now a devotee. This primer makes your foundation go on as smooth as silk and last for hours. I thought it would be annoying to add another step to my make-up routine, but when I look at the results I get, it's worth the extra minute to put it on and allow it to soak in. It also adds that little extra bit of much needed moisture. If your skin is anything less than flawless, I suggest you give this "foundation for your foundation" a try.

Joyce says:

I tried it with liquid base, mineral powders (two brands), and cream base. On my skin, the only one that gave me results that came close to the praise my co-blogger gave it was the cream base. So . . . I turned to my friend who has skin “issues” and asked her to try it. I also gave her the Mary Kay mineral powder I bought in a summer shade. Any tanning I had has faded; so rather than let the powder sit for a year—and since I thought it would match my friend’s skin tone—I gave this to her to try, as well. What a huge difference. I’ve never seen her skin look so smooth, even, and blemish-free (which it’s not). Mineral powders are good, but they're not that good. In my friend’s case, Spackle was a huge success!

Sheba says:
Wow, Laura Geller, where have you been? My face is in love with Laura Geller Spackle Under Makeup Primer. This is like a magic potion for my face -- it actually smooths it out very evenly; my skin actually looks transformed. I use both a mousse and mineral powder -- on different days. It worked its wonders with both for me. This is an essential in my makeup arsenal now. I would be in a state of panic without it. In addition my little magic jar has lip and eye primer in the top part of it. Those are also worth their weight in gold. The eye primer smooths the crepiness in my lids and seems to keep any shadow in place for much longer periods than usual. The lip primer also helps to diminish the appearance of lip lines and my lipstick does stay on my lips a lot better. I feel that the price is definitely worth it when you see the results. I do not need a lot to get the results so it will last for a while. You can bet I will be buying more of this before I run out!! My face will never forgive me if I don't keep up this regime.

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