Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Review - Cutler Fly-Away Stick

Controls Frizz & Static. Creates Smoothness & Shine.

Cutler Fly-Away Stick contains Tourmaline, the latest innovative ingredient to combat frizziness and static. A special blend of conditioning agents including shea butter, pistachio oil, coconut oil, castor oil and sunflower seed oil create smooth and shiny hair. Eucalyptus extract also protects the hair and brings back lost shine.

Who in the winter doesn't have an issue with frizzy-staticy hair? Fly-aways and just generally weird looking hair is just something I deal with in the winter, so when I was given this Cutler Fly-Away Stick I was excited and hopeful. I was not dissapointed, this stick is awesome for a number of reasons. First off the product itself really works. It isn't as waxy as a wax, which is really nice for me because I don't like my hair feeling stiff. The stick is actually kind of like a firm oil once you warm it in your hand, which makes it totally useable. I prefer my hair to look natural, and not like I'm using a lot of product and this stick acheives that look. I love it! Now, on to other highlights of this product: first of all the stick thing is great, I don't like little pots of serum because for some reason I tend to over-use every time. Not so with this stick, you just rub your palm over it and you can get as much or as little product as you need. For problem areas you can also just rub the stick over your head. The serum doesn't make your hands sticky either, for some reason it just melts in and acts as a moisturizer. Last, but not least, the product itself smells exactly like Curve by Liz Claiborn (a sort of light floral) which I used to wear in high school. Yummy!

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