Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Review - Naked Cosmetics Eyeshadow

Naked Cosmetics are basically very high quality all natural cosmetics that are non-allergenic and apparently are nothing but oxidized mica. I don't know how exactly that is possible looking at all the colors, but obviously I am not a chemist, so I won't argue. I will just be happy that I have this awesome shadow! The color I tested is called SN-01, and it is a beautiful iridescent pink with purple undertones. I used it as a brightening all-over shadow, but it was especially useful in highlighting the eyebrow. When I applied it a little heavier by itself it looked nice and stayed for hours, but was a little pale for my complexion. My skin is very light, and I am blond so the shade was really pretty as a light dusting, I actually also tried it on some friends with darker skin tones and it looked beautiful. This tone would look awesome on any complexion. This shadow will stay in my daily-use make-up bag until it is gone! Love it!

CitySlicker Says: The color I got is from the Sierra Nevada collection in SN-05.. It's a gorgeous deep golden brown.. When I see this I think this is what Kim Kardashian wears, she always has the most beautiful deep brown hues that sparkle in the light. My skin tone is pale and my eyes are hazel. I found that I would apply a light swipe on my lids or in the crease or layer for a more dramatic look, the color has a lot of sparkle but it's not teeny bopper, it's definitely a cut above. This goes on so light and airy that Naked Cosmetics is the perfect name. I have been wearing this off and on for a couple of weeks. I do think that it stays on throughout the day with a little wear. It is easy to layer at the end of the day too, so if I am going out I can pop some more on and it never looks Tammy Faye Bakerish, it looks fresh and new. I have also worn as a liner with a damp brush for a more defined look. I did notice with that by the end of the day the oil from my skin did not keep it in the sharp line. The color melted into my lid and the intensity diminished but it was still pretty. There are a plethora of colors to choose from so there is a color for everyone out there and I am betting that the lighter colors could be used on the lips with a clear gloss for a little bit of drama.

Amanda S. Says: I didn't think that such a heavy and dark eye shadow would work with my super light colored eyes, but wow, this stuff is really easy to use and looked great. Instead of creasing and getting all weird and smudgy (I have major issues with eye shadows sort of flaking off on me or not blending very well, maybe I have weird eyelids???) but wow, it smoothed on super easy and didn't take over my entire eye area or smudge when I inevitably rubbed my eyes in weariness at work. I will definitely buy more of this because I have such eyeshadow nightmares that I need something awesome to use to cheer myself up.

Joyce says: I tried Champagne (SN-02). Though this product definitely has a smooth texture and goes on easily so thin eye tissue isn’t pulled, I found it was just a bit too glittery for my comfort level . . . or, perhaps, it’s more a matter of preferring matte finishes on my skin. Skin tone does have to be heeded the longer we’re on the planet; and maybe it’s more about my wanting to be viewed a certain way. I tend to identify sparkly cosmetics as more appropriate for those in their 30s and younger. All that inner revelation aside, the texture and stay-on qualities say, “Go for it!”

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