Monday, December 1, 2008

Review- Thymes Essentials Face Lotion SPF 20

Protect your skin all day from UVA/UVB rays with Thymes absorbent SPF 20 formula to lessen the effects of photo-aging UV damage, without all the residue.

Dermaxyl Complex significantly reduces the appearance of unwanted age lines.

The logo on the Thymes Essentials products is "basic in a beautiful way". This face lotion is basic, but it covers all the bases to be an effective moisturizer. For starters, it has a comprehensive SPF with more than sufficient UVA and UVB protection. It has a refreshing cucumber scent and it absorbs completely, making it a perfect base for foundation. Many of it's ingredients are from natural sources. The lotion contains Retinyl Palmitate which is a mild retinol similar to that found in Retin-A. This product comes in a generous 4 oz. bottle, so it will last me a while. My only criticism is the pump. I find it a little hard to use. Although it does dispense the product, it's rounded shape makes it a little hard to pump.

Amanda S. Says: this is a little hard to pump out of the container, but worth it, trust me. I love natural beauty products, but sometimes hate how they are either too heavy or way too light so it's almost like you never put it on and you never feel the benefits. This one has a great balance.

Joyce says: Like the Face Polish, the scent of this lotion is fresh and pleasing to me. It’s smoothing and soothing. The only thing is my skin has been around a bit longer than my fellow bloggers’. It needs Grease in winter. I think if you’ve been on the planet less time than I have, you’ll absolutely love this lotion. And as I said on the polish post, this would be an awesome summer product. I’m basing my comments on the fact I have “combination” skin. Women of more mature years with oily skin may find this is perfect for them.

Deedlejuse Says: I really have to agree with everyone up there! except, of course, (because I am excessively optimistic about all natural stuff) for the issue with the pump. Mine works just fine, two little pumps, and your good to go. My singular problem is that the cream is quite thick, and it takes me a while to get it to rub in all the way. Otherwise I adore it though. It has a nice refreshing scent, and I don't have to add an SPF on top of it! If you're in the market for a new moisturizer you absolutly can't go wrong with Thymes!

Sheba says: I have that darn combination skin and it likes this Thymes Essentials Face Lotion very much. It does agree with each of the three different types of skin and my skin seems to drink it up pretty quickly, even the oily area. Luckily the pump on my lotion works very easily and is comfortable to use. It has a very nice, clean, crisp, cucumber scent that is very light. The SPF 20 is a bit higher than the usual 15 which is especially nice. I say the higher the SPF the better. It does mention that it reduces the appearance of lines. I have to say that I do notice what appears to be a softening of the lines. It does not make me appear to be a lot younger or as though I have just returned from a Botox treatment (I cannot afford them or just maybe!), but it does have a pleasing effect on those lines. Perhaps with longer time use I will notice more of an improvement. This is a very effective lotion that you will not go broke buying and it will last for quite a while.

CitySlicker Says: I think this is a great basic moisturizer. It truly does the job. I apply after washing and it quickly absorbs into my skin and makes my face feel soft and hydrated. I do have to agree with Joyce that in the winter months my skin does need an extra boost for moisture. I do find that when wearing this the hydration doesn't last as long as I would like I do need something that offer more emollients in the months when the heat is on. This does work and does keep my skin clear and fresh looking it's just that I need a little more for my skin to look dewy all day long. It smells lovely and absorbs really quickly for me..

Maria says: I agree with CitySlicker and Joyce on this as well. As a 40-something year old with dry skin - more dry in winter - I need a little more "oomph" in my moisturizer around this time. It starts off going on just fine (I could NOT get the pump to work - so I have to take off the top and put some in my hand - didn't love that - someone clue me in on what I'm doing wrong!) but then my skin starts to feel dry again not long after - it gave me no problems at all - nice soft fragrance too - it's just that I like to feel more soft and supple in the face area during this time. The winter really knocks my skin out of whack. My darling 15 year old got a hold of it and she loves it. We were at a party yesterday and one of her aunts ran her hand down her cheek and told her how soft and smooth it looked. She has normal skin - so I think I'll be sharing this great product with her!

Movie Maven says:
As the resident "combination/oily" (emphasis on the oily) gal in our little pack, I found this moisturizer to be a little bit much for my already-frequently-greasy skin (yes, even in winter...yet it's still this is possible is beyond me). Because it's so thick, it takes a bit of time to absorb, and once it does, I don't feel moisturized, just shiny-fied. It smells lovely, and I love me some all-natural products, but oily gals - this one's not for you.

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