Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Review - Biosilk Smoothing Shampoo & Conditioner

Vitamin B and humectants to moisturize and smooth frizz prone hair. Contains silk proteins to condition the hair shaft and leave hair shiny and healthy.

In the humid months, I have a terrible time with frizzed out hair. It's been raining pretty steadily here in New York City for the past week, and my frizz has been especially bad, it looks like I have a halo of fuzz around my roots. Not pretty. I used this conditioner yesterday morning, amidst a torrential downpour in Brooklyn, and walked around outside for about 2 hours. To my surprise, I came home without a fluff or frizz in sight.
I generally, to be honest, haven't got a lot of faith in anti-frizz products because most of them have let me down. But this one held up. It smells nice, comes in a cool looking bottle, and there's A LOT unlike some brands that come in teeny bottles and have large prices.

CitySlicker Says:
You don’t know how many times I have walked by these in my Salon. I don't know why I have never stopped and picked them up. I am sorry I didn’t, I have been using these just shy of a week and so far so good. I haven’t noticed any build up in my hair or them weighing it down. The scents are light and pretty, nothing overwhelming. The shampoo rinses with ease and the conditioner is nice and thick, I leave that one on about 5-10 minutes while showering. I think the biggest difference I have noticed since using these is my flyways. I have a short bob with bangs and always notice frizzies in my part. They have calmed down tremendously and that is a GREAT thing... I am very pleased with the performance so far and feel like my hair is stronger too. One other thing, I do color my hair and these don’t strip or feel harsh in any way so call your peeps that don’t rock your own color no worries on that front!

Deedlejuse says:
My review is a little bit less solid on this Shampoo/Conditioner combo, but only because I need to plug their Silk Therapy after product (which I will review later). There is no doubt about the anti-frizz aspects of this duo, and how wonderful it smells, and really just how lovely my hair looks after I use it and it dries. But... I don't like the feeling of my hair while wet after I use this combo. It just feels kind of dried out, of course that is only when I use it without the Silk Therapy, and completely goes away after it is dried. My hair is died blond, and so soaks up moisture like a sponge, so I think I just need the extra moisture of the Silk Therapy. This is a good solid product though, and I would definitely say you will be very happy with the results.

Sheba says: I bought myself a huge bottle of the conditioner on clearance at a local Home Goods and am in love with it. First, I was attracted to the clearance price but the product has swayed me completely. It is as good as everyone has mentioned. My hair is thin and has no body -- yet, it usually has frizzies in the rain and/or humidity. This conditioner really left the hair feeling soft and silky -- yet with a feel of more body/texture. My hair was easy to work with and style after this conditioner and it actually remained frizzless out in the rain!!! I think I am going to have to spend a little more in the future as I will not be lucky enough to find this treasure on clearance that often. I will still look for it on clearance, however, I am prepared to dig a little deeper as it is worth it.

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