Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Review- Urban Cowgirl Mineral Concealer/Foundation

Creamy application with sweep of the finger tip or applicator sponge … goes on lightly. $14.99

I don't know about you, but with each change of the season, my skin seems to act up like some wild teenager on a mission. With allergies in full swing, I'm also finding new bags under my eyes each morning and random breakouts from switching to heavier creams and moisturizers. Thank goodness for Urban Cowgirl's Mineral Concealer/Foundation, it truly works to hide those extra baggage under the eyes and a quick spot treatment over smaller breakouts too. I'm so impressed that something this lightweight and smooth can so brilliantly conceal and balance out even the most stubborn of spots. Apparently this Urban Cowgirl concealer can double up as a light foundation as well and still provide full and complete coverage. Normally I would wear foundation during the day to cover up some of these dark spots sprouting up, but I soon realized with a loose dusting of powder and this surprisingly strong and effective concealer, I didn't need to add any more products on top. If you have a few dark spots, or circles too, and need some real, true coverage (without resorting to wearing heavy foundation), this concealer completely does the trick.

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