Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Review - Car Lashes

Dress up your headlights with a touch of fashion and a twinkle of crystal! Flexible design bends around headlights. Attaches easily with
3M automotive trim tape. Will not damage paint.

I first heard about Car Lashes from my sister who was driving to PA and saw someone with it on their car. As soon as she told me about it I just knew I had to have them!

The black car lashes are so popular that they were on back order. So instead, I got the pink car lashes and the pink crystal liner. The pink lashes represent breast cancer awareness so I was just as happy.

The application process is very simple. The lashes come with a littl alcohol swab that you use to wipe the surface of your headlights clean with. Then you line the lashes up and slowly peel back the sticky tape. The crystal liner is just as easy, they go over the lashes. I was done in less than 15 minutes. I even had some extra crystals hanging over, so I cut them off and put them on the front of my car as little accents.

I love my car lashes because everywhere I go, they put a smile on peoples faces. People stop to take pictures or just to look. I love that my car can be just as beautiful as me! My car lashes make me happy amd make others happy! Why shouldn't our cars be as beautiful as us?

Another thing I love about them is that their customer service team is super friendly and they are a little company started by a Husband and Wife.

Oh, and don't worry, car lashes work with just about every make and model of vehicles. When you order, they will ask you to specify this information. So, what are you waiting for? Go order yours now!

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