Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Review- EnvyDerm Lash Growth & Conditioning Serum

- Effective: Grow long lush lashes by as much as 72% in 6 weeks.
- Safe: no chemicals, no Prostaglandin.
- Convenient: no prescription needed. Easy to use.
- Last 6 months.
- Suitable for Eyebrows.

I'm a huge fan of lash serums, especially if they actually work and EnvyDerm's Growth Serum did not disappoint at all, ranking favorably high on my list! I haven't hit the 6-week mark yet, but within the first couple of weeks I noticed that my eyelashes were as promised - thicker, stronger and noticeably longer too. The real knockout factor for me though is how beautifully this growth serum really conditions my lashes through each use. I've tried other similar growth products in the past, and usually you will notice stronger lashes or longer lashes, but somehow they looked a little hardened in the process. With EnvyDerm, my eyelashes not only looked much fuller and longer, but also significantly softer and prettier too! Everything about this lash conditioner/growth serum looks and feels very natural and the results over-exceeded my expectations. The formula is very gentle and can be used on the lower lash line as well as the eyebrows! Definitely can't go too wrong there. For me, long and beautiful eyelashes always seemed a little out of reach, but with EnvyDerm's nighttime serum, it's definitely making that wish a closer reality!


Ashley said...

Read authentic and unbiased eyelash reviews as much as possible for you to be able to get some idea if your prospective eyelash growth products are working or not.

Aliya Smith said...

Make sure that you regularly take some vitamin supplements. Proper and balanced nutrition is a prerequisite in order to boost your eyelashes’ natural hair growth so that no need to use eyelash serums anymore.