Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Review- Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

  • Salon Manicure Made Simple!
  • All 5 Steps of a Salon Manicure in 1 Bottle.
  • Base Coat, Strengthener, Growth Treatment, Color, Top Coat.
  • 9 out of 10 Salon Professionals Preferred Our Formula to the Leading Salon Brand.
  • With Patented Vita-Care Technology for advanced wear, more shine, and nourishing care.
  • 42 Salon-Inspired Shades.
  • Toluene, DBP, and Formaldehyde free.
I love Sally Hansen polishes. They come in amazing colors, wear beautifully, and are free of those toxic chemicals that pop-up in many other nail polish brands. I tried Complete Salon Manicure in two shades; Fairy Teal, the quintessential teal hue, and Frutti Petutie, a summery pinky coral. The colors were beautiful and vibrant, but sadly this really isn't the "complete manicure" its cracked up to be. I tried using it as directed, just applying two coats and letting it dry, but my manicure lost is luster by the next day and was pretty much chipped off within two days. Also, the teal shade left a slight blue-green stain on my nails, so that may be something to watch out for with the darker colors.

The second time I used the polish, I stuck to my usual routine of base coat, two coats of color, then top coat, and when applied that way it wore beautifully all week, with no stains left when I removed it. My favorite thing is the super wide brush, it really allows you to paint most of your nail with just one stroke. So even though it didn't work well as an all-in-one manicure, I still love the easy to apply and quick drying formula, and will happily continue to use it.Sultana says: This is by far, the best nail polished I have ever had! I have the following colors:

Lagoon - which is the deepest teal color I have ever seen and I am absolutely in love with it!
Silver Lining - A very pale shimmery silvery-blue.
Ring My Shell - I gorgeous opalescent pink

Let me just say, all these colors are spectacular. However, if I had to pick a favorite it would be Lagoon. Its just so intense and pretty. I've gotten a lot of compliments wearing this color. Ring my Shell is my 2nd, the color is light but its still complimentary in its own way. My least favorite is Silver Lining. As pretty as the color was, it took too many coats to be noticeable. Then it took forever to dry because of all the layers.
This nail polish will last you a week chip free, at least. I type all day and its impossible for me to keep a manicure. With this product, I don't have to change my nail color every other day. Thanks Sally, really!

Deedlejuse Says: I have this nail polish in Beachy Keen, a lovely nude with a lot of brown to it. I do really like the color, just on my feet more than my hands. I don't know what exactly it is with me but the whole "beach nude" thing isn't rockin' my boat this year, i prefer the more pinkie or bare looks for my fingers, but my feet are a totally different story. The nail polish itself is wonderful. I'm not sure what happened to Malikah's batch, but the color i have is AMAZING. I literally could have left it at one coat and would have been happy! I did two coats (on my feet) and it has lasted beautifully for the last two weeks, and if I was super lazy I could probably leave it for a couple more weeks by the looks of things. The best part, as Sultana mentioned, is the brush. It is a fabulously wide and thin brush that all companies should rip off! (Just kidding of course, Sally get yourself a patent!) it took me all of maybe ten minutes to do the whole thing, with dry time included. I definitely suggest you go out and get a bunch of shades of Complete Salon Manicure! I love it!

Trish says: I definitely love the color - having tried it in a gorgeous, silver Pedal to the Metal 330 shade! The enamel is thick enough to look full and complete and shiny with minimal effort on my end. However, my one and only small complaint is that I strangely didn't really like the wide thick brush. Much of it is because I can be very clumsy when handling such a brush and soon found that I can make more of a mess than necessary! So all in all, I love the thick enamel and shiny silver shade - but handling the thick wide brush with a thick coat of paint took extra effort on my end. However, I'm super pleased with the color and feel that it turned out to be exactly what I wanted and very worth the effort and practice. I do highly recommend the silver shade - Pedal to the Metal #330!! Simply love it!

Movie Maven says: The color I tried was EEL SKIN. Sounds kind of gross, but is not at all gross and is KIND OF AMAZING. It's a stylish medium grey with just enough blue to agree with my cool skin tone. I agree with a couple of the girls above - the brush is kick-ass and makes the manicure super-easy. I will say that the "complete" moniker is probably an exaggeration, as mine was chipping after only a couple of days, but with a topcoat, I'm betting it would have held up a bit better. Honestly, though, the brush is so dope I'd use it just for that.

Melissa says: I tried Commander in Chic and Back to the Fuchsia and loved both of the colors. Like most of the ladies, I liked the thicker brush because it made it easier to apply and I also felt like I had greater control of the strokes. Two coats did the trick and although I was tempted to put on a top coat, I did without and
my manicure lasted almost a week and I was happy with the results.

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