Saturday, October 1, 2011

Review- Nurturing Force Tropical Tamanu Oil

"Nurturing Force® discovered Tamanu Oil about two years ago, in a quest for a quick, easy to use, fast penetrating serum; not just for the face, but the hair, scalp, hands and body also. With liquid travel restrictions and a limit on what we can fit in makeup kits and bags; our goal was to offer a multi-purpose product. We choose Tamanu Oil for its anti-oxidants, anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties; backed by a rich cultural history of its origin and use in Polynesia for the hair skin and body." $18

Everyone is all abuzz about Argan oil these days, and don't get me wrong, I think that Argan oil is great.  I used to use Argan oil until I was introduced to Tamanu oil by the kind people at Nurturing Force (which is a great family- owned and run company btw).  This oil does it all!  It tames fly-awyas and conditions hair but I love it for what it does for your skin.  It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-oxidant properties and if you suffer from dry skin and acne, this stuff can be a life-saver.  This serum moisturizes my skin and absorbs completely leaving no oil slick behind.  I usually augment it with another moisturizer, but if you are on the oily side, you could use this alone as your moisturizer.  I use about 3 drops warmed between my palms and patted onto my face and neck.  For hair, because mine is fine and straight, I literally use 1 drop rubbed between my palms and run over my dry hair and ends.  It smoothes even the fiercest of fly-aways.  A bottle of this oil serves so many functions so economically that I feel every woman (and man) should own a bottle!

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