Thursday, October 6, 2011

Review- RUBY Kisses 24 Hour Eye Define

Super lush liner glides on then sets for 24 hour wear.

I'm not really the type to wear black eyeliner, even more so if it's in pencil form ...but, I started to really like this RUBY Kisses 24 Hr Eye Define so much I'm slowly converting my everyday look around it! I tried it in Very Black, which is a switch from my normal brown liners, and I love how it glides on smoothly, giving a striking definition on my lower eyelids. It has a silky thin point, which makes it easy to navigate and I don't feel clumsy using this pencil. The pencil does stay on for hours, I even took a nap and found that it stayed in tact when I woke up! The only minor drawback is that it did smudge a little just after a few hours, but in a strange way it created a sexy smoky eye look for me unintentionally and I didn't mind the little running! Perhaps, if you want to purposefully create the smoky eyes, this is a great pencil to do it, otherwise, it's still a sexy look to wear whether or not that was the intended use. For me, it's a keeper and I'm not even the type to wear black eyeliners, but I like the smoothness and ease of use so much I'm willing to convert.

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