Sunday, December 18, 2011

Review- Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

I can see why Maybelline's Great Lash Mascara remains an all-around classic. For an affordable price, my eyelashes can still look fuller and longer without too much fuss or hassle on my part from using this 40-year reliable formula and clean brush to separate the lashes. Although my eyelashes lean on the frail side, I think this is a sturdy and dependable mascara for someone who already has nice thick lashes and who would not require much curling or lengthening in the process. I have friends who fit this profile perfectly and a solid, straightforward mascara as Great Lash would be all they needed. While this mascara did run on me slightly, I'm happy to know that it is also made in a clear shade so no running worries to contend with! Overall, this mascara covers all the basics in an easy and reliable way holding up to the test of time, yet if you have more specific or targeted mascara needs, then Great Lash may hit some notes yet not all and still provide decent results. For the eyelash blessed, Great Lash does enhance what is already there! Yet, if you're like me and need more help with your eyelashes, Great Lash still works, but I did find I needed to lengthen and curl my lashes to fully maximize results, yet in the end they still looked classically nice.


Aliya Smith said...

This was nice. But I am looking for the product that will give me permanent results. Is there mascara that can help my lashes grow longer and more thicker?

Hillary said...

There are several companies that make mascaras intended to make your lashes longer if not thicker. One company that is very accessible is Tarte Cosmetics. I have not used their treatment mascara, but it does claim to lengthen lashes while you wear it. Also, Lash 'em (or it could be 'm) mascara makes the same claims. And if I'm not mistaken, Physician's Formula has just come out with one and I know for a fact that they make two different liquid liners with growth serums in them. Oh, and NYX as well. HTH.