Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Review - Bath & Body Works Orange Ginger Nourishing Body Lotion

Experience the power of essential oils every time you moisturize. In this blend, bright, rejuvenating Italian Orange essential oil is matched with fresh, stimulating Ginger to invigorate your senses. Domestic.

SIZE: 6.5 fl. oz./192 mL $13.00 Currently (6/10/08) on sale -Buy 2/Get 2 Free

I have been using this lotion for some time. I've bought some very fake or imitation scents from Bath and Body but also they have some very genuine ones. This is one of the 'real' ones. It is a very good lotion as it does get absorbed pretty quickly. The scent is pretty powerful but I like it. It is not overpowering but it is strong. Since I enjoy the fragrance I do not mind and it does fade a little after a while. I would not use it with another fragrance as there would be a real conflict. However, I really do like it as it gives my skin very nice moisture - leaving it very soft and silky smooth.


Anonymous said...

Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy is a fragrance enhanced product line.
The core scent is based on essential oils and a fragrance to "enhance" the user experience, giving the impression a smoother and more polished lasting fragrance. BBW is a fragrance purveyor, almost everything in the entire store is laced with fragrance,even the C.O. Bigelow line. C.O. Bigelow Mentha even has a fragrance to "prop up" the natural mint used in the product. I am not allergic to mint, but I am very allergic to C.O. Bigelow Mentha.

If you are looking for purity and an honest presentation of what kind of product you are buying, Bath & Body Works in not the place to find genuine, honest or trustworthy.

Otherwise, enjoy the fragrances.

Sheba said...

Wow, I am guessing you are not a fan of Bath and Body. Personally there are quite a few products and scents that I do not like or agree with. However, I do not make a blanket statement that everything is no good. I like this scent and I like the lotion. That is all I was saying -- I was not 'pushing' their products. I do not work for them. I do not buy the products I don't like and I would expect that everyone does the same. I will not use my review to smear a company in general because I don't
like some of their products. Sorry, I have to just give an honest opinion and I like this lotion.