Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Review- Chi Nano Technology Hair Dryer

  • Ceramic Heat = Moisturizing heat and shine

  • Extremely light weighted and quiet

  • Negative Ions = 50% faster drying time, reduces frizz and static electricity

  • Far Infra Red = Dries the hair from inside to outside and dries hair faster

  • Dual air flow – faster drying 2 vents suck in 2x more air

  • Dual air flow Low output of EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequency)

You must have noticed by now that your hair comes out much better when it's blown out at the salon then when you do it at home, right? I've learned the secret. Half the battle is in the hair dryer! I had never been able to even vaguely replicate what was done at the salon until I got this hair dryer. I can't beleive the difference it makes! This dryer utilizes ceramic, ionic and far infrared technology to dry your hair in half the time with great results. I had always thought it was my lack of God given hair talent that had kept me from the "fresh-from-the-salon" look, but now I acheive it all the time. This dryer is hotter than my old Revlon dryer so I have to move it around a lot while I'm drying my hair, but my drying time has been cut in half. That's especially good news for someone like me who hates drying their hair. The Chi weighs practically nothing which is surprising given the power of the blowing action. Apparently, this hair dryer is also better for your health as well. How? With a low output of Electro Magnetic Frequency. It seems that regular dryers have a high EMF output, exposure to which some experts feel causes various ailments. This makes the low EMF output essential for people in the hair industry. Now that I've got this dryer, I'm spoiled for life. Never again will I be able to buy a hair dryer at the drugstore. It's professional tools for me from here on in!

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