Monday, June 2, 2008

Review - L'Occitane Mint Verbena Icy Powered Foot Gel

Enriched with organic verbena extract and invigorating mint essential oil, this gel gives a real feeling of freshness. It contains antibacterial sage essential oil and absorbent tapioca powder, which help purify skin while leaving a silky powder finish. Used daily, your feet will no longer feel hot and tired, but light and comfortable.
Size: 2.5 fl.oz $18.00

This gel works wonderfully on your feet. I have been addicted to my old standbys for years but this has really replaced them. It is absorbed before you even finish applying it -- your skin just drinks it in immediately. To be honest, I thought it would leave a powdery coating over my skin but there is no indication that this has been applied. My feet feel powdery smooth but don't have any powdery residue. They do feel hydrated and comfortable, even after a long day. This is nothing short of a miracle as my feet are resistant to moisture. . . they usually require another coat later on. It has such a fresh fragrance. It is the combination of the vebena and mint -- I am not sure if that is it exactly but it is very refreshing and it does last for quite a while. It costs more than my usuals, but it lasts longer, and I don't need to use as much so it is worth the price.

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Anonymous said...

This gel is GREAT. I love to use it when my feet are hot and yucky. I have been known to use it before I go to the gym for added dryness. I found a good deal at for only $9...WOW!