Sunday, June 1, 2008

Review - Luca Sunscreen Daily Solar Protection

The most advanced UVA/UVB protection. Hypo-allergenic. Daily Moisturizer. Water Resistant. Fragrance Free. Formulated for sensitive skin, especially children. Provides the Most Comprehensive Sunscreen Available. $30

I love this sunscreen, I have used it in the past, but I just got a sample to try again and I have to say I don't know how I ever switched! It is very light, soaks into your skin almost instantaneously, and leaves just the slightest hint of scent. I don't enjoy the scent of sunscreen at all, which makes it difficult for me to lather it on as much as I should with my super pale skin. This sunscreen might just take that issue away completely!
The New York Times had an issue last year which stated that a light cleanser and sunscreen was all one should need to keep skin healthy and young looking. While I'm not positive that is all my skin needs (I get very dry after I cleanse) I have been using this sunscreen basically in place of a moisturizer and I thought it worked great. My skin didn't feel dry, and it also didn't feel coated by a layer of film the way many sunscreens can leave your skin. I wore it to the gym and I couldn't even tell that I had anything on my face. SPF coverage is really important in any form of course, but this one is awesome.

CitySlicker Says:
I found this sunscreen to be a delight to use. It’s so easy to apply with a seriously quick absorption time. It does a have a very light scent that isn’t unpleasant and it doesn't contradict with the perfume I wear. One of the things I hate about wearing sunscreen is when I put my arm on the armrests in the car, most sunscreens leave white blotchy marks. I am happy to say this is the exception... it doesn’t rub off or stain anything. This is well worth looking into. I didn’t get oily or breakout after use...

Amanda S. says:
I'm a sunscreen snob, and I approve of this product. I absolutely hate when you try to apply a sunscreen and it either absorbs so fast and oily you can't tell where you've applied it and where you've not applied it OR on the converse, it's so thick that it takes 20 rubs to get it onto each spot you want covered. This sunblock is neither of those things. It blends in quickly and nicely and has a soft almost not-there scent which is good for not mixing it up with my perfume, like Cityslicker said.

Hillary says:
I've had the difference explained to me between Luca Sunscreen and other sunscreens on the market, and the difference is wavelength coverage. The way it breaks down is critical wavelength coverage is how protected you are from UVA rays. Luca Sunscreen provides the greatest critical wavelength coverage available anywhere. Add to that the fact that Luca is uniquely formulated to withstand six hours of exposure & I'm in! If you educate yourself a bit in the ways of sunscreen, you'd be surprised how many sun products that say UVA & UVB protection only protect you from the slightest bit of UVA- the rays that age! Add on to these facts the great texture, lack of scent and six hour lasting power and you've got a winner. I've started using it as my facial moisturizer (in the 30). Helpful hint: don't forget your decolletage & neck. They can give away your age just as quickly as your face!

Sheba says: This sunscreen does seem to be all it claims. That is important as I have a relative undergoing chemotherapy who was told to use nothing less than SPF 30 and to reapply every hour or so when outside. I tried this on myself and stayed in the sun for a several hours with no effects at all from the sun. It does have the six hour limit which is probably accurate. However, due to the serious side effects of sun on chemo patients I will have my relative reapply every couple of hours just to be safe. If it did not have the six hour limit I would have it reapplied every hour. This is such a bonus as this person loves to work out in the garden and has been very hesitant because of the chemo warnings. Thank goodness for Luca - it allows for a more normal lifestyle. Meanwhile I can use it for the six hour limit, myself. It is absorbed so easily that it is as though my skin is dry as a bone --and it wasn't at the time. This is a pleasure to use in addition to being just about the best sun block I have used.

Movie Maven says: Luca sells itself as a "sunscreen with moisturizer" rather than a "moisturizer with sunscreen," which I think makes it more effective in terms of sun protection than your run-of-the-mill SPF-included face lotion. As Hillary pointed out, the UVA protection is really what makes this stuff stand out from the pack; SPF typically refers only to the UVB protection you can get from a sunscreen. I did want to weigh in as a girl with an oily complexion to say that although this stuff seems a little heavy and greasy at first when you put it on, it is completely fine once it's absorbed (and as you know, you should always be putting sunscreen on at least 15-30 minutes before going out into the sun). So don't be afraid, greasy girls! You, too, can reap the benefits of Luca.

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Amanda S. said...

just wanted to add, i went to the beach yesterday for over 4 hours wearing this sunscreen and not a burn or a red spot anywhere. this stuff works great