Monday, June 30, 2008

Review - Smashbox Wicked Lovely Blush

This pressed powder BLUSH brushes on easily and is virtually streak-proof. Formulated for longer wear, this blush is essential for a picture-perfect glow all day long.

What a fun little compact, though it took a moment to figure out how to open it (mirror swings out; press slotted button to lift the lid). The Rush Charm color is like a light pinkish-bronzer, which means if applied well, it effects a natural sun-kissed glow (always sexy and romantic). I also used it on the sides of my nose, bottom of chin, and temple area to frame my face. It stayed put until I took it off, which is a good thing. I’m old enough to remember Yardley’s Love cosmetics from the 60s, and this product line brings me right back to the joy of good products in fun packaging.

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