Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Review- Space NK Soulful Hand Lotion

A moisturising balm of shea and cocoa butters, wheatgerm, sweet almond and sesame oils with anti-oxidant vitamins E and A to help protect the skin against dehydration. Fragranced with a comforting woody yet floral blend of cedar, sandalwood, rose and lily of the valley.

When I first tried this hand lotion I thought, jeez... this is a bit runny, not very thick... And I just assumed it may be too thin to work on my dry hands and elbows. Um, I was seriously wrong. This lotion smells, in one word: AWESOME. I don't think I've ever used a lotion that smells this woody, natural and beautiful. It goes perfectly with the way I want my skin to smell, and on top of that, my hands were smooth for HOURS afterward, even after hand washing after hand washing at work and home while painting. I'm addicted to this stuff. Unlike strongly unnatural scented lotions, this is so subtle and beautiful. The scent lasts a long time but it just hints at itself. I am using this every day and my skin is loving it.

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