Sunday, July 27, 2008

Review - Skinn Dimitri James Sulfate Free Rapid Exfoliating Cleanser

This water-activated, detergent-free cleanser leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean, but never stripped. Because this cleanser is sulfate free, it can thoroughly cleanse without damaging the skin's natural moisturizing factors.

When you hear "exfoliating" in regards to a cleanser, you expect that there will be little scrubby beads or something in said cleanser. Not so with Skinn by Dimitri James Sulfate Free Rapid Exfoliating Cleanser (which I will now be calling "the cleanser," since that name is quite the mouthful). Entirely smooth, the consistency of other liquid soaps, this cleanser really lives up to the claims on the website - my skin never felt over-scrubbed like it can with other exfoliating cleansers. The cleanser foams up a bit with water, and feels tingly going on. (So you know it's working, perhaps?) The one thing that concerned me about this product is that it smelled startlingly like home hair color - in particular, Feria hair color. Boxed coloring has a very distinctive chemical smell, and I feel fairly certain that I smelled it in the Skinn cleanser as well. It's a bit off-putting, but honestly, this cleanser works so well that I don't mind, but folks with sensitive noses might be worse off than me. All in all, a great product that left my skin "more luminous than usual" according to my roommate...but hopefully they can figure out a better scent!

Deedlejuse says:
I couldn't agree more with Movie Maven. I really like this Exfoliating cleanser. It is so gentle, it definitely does not feel like any normal scrubs I have used in the past. It suds gently, which is also nice because sometimes the sudsing agent can be irritating for me. This cleanser on the other hand is so not irritating. I used it in the shower as a regular cleanser, but also tried leaving it on for a full 5 min. as recommended. I really liked it both ways, and I agree that my skin does look much healthier and more clear. The smell was distinct, and I could see how it might throw people off, but I thought it smelled more like tea tree oil. Not that tea tree is my favorite smell, but I kind of liked it in the morning. It was very refreshing, a great wake-up. The smell is definitely a personal preference thing, but regardless the results were great!

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