Sunday, July 13, 2008

Review- Supersmile Professional Whitening System

Just brush & whiten. The #1 patented whitening toothpaste recommended by top cosmetic dentists, contains:

  • Calprox®: safely whitens teeth
  • Baking Soda: freshens breath and maintains healthy gums
  • Fluoride: fights cavities

Whitening Accelerator, when combined with Supersmile toothpaste:

  • Bleaches: natural teeth
  • Restores: bonding, veneers, caps and even dentures to their original whiteness
  • Enhances: bleached teeth

$29.99 @

This is a system you use just like regular toothpaste to whiten your teeth a little each day. Using a dry toothbrush, you add equal parts of the toothpaste component and the accelerator. The two together taste a little like peroxide and mint. I did see a difference each time I brushed my teeth, a very subtle one. Over time I'm sure this would have lightened my teeth noticeably based on what I saw over the course of a week. I only had two little tester tubes and they lasted 7 days. It doesn't take a lot of it to get the job done. Be sure not to brush like a maniac (like I did) or it will bother your gums if you are prone to that. Overall I would definitely use this as a maintenance measure after using a whitening kit like Dr. Michelle Copeland's (see review here).

Amanda S. Says: Just my two cents after using this product (I used it for a week in conjunction with the Quickee Whitener), I agree with Hillary, we have both tried Dr. Michelle Copeland's whitening kit and it worked absolute wonders. However when I tried Supersmile for a week I definitely did notice a lightening of the tea stains on my teach (I drink a TON of tea, lemme tell ya). And I showed this product to my dentist during my recent visit and she said it was safe to use and to her knowledge of the ingredients, perfectly safe for teeth and gums. Unlike those strips that have always burned my gums and made it impossible to drink hot or cold drinks after using for a few days, there are none of the side effects with this product.

CitySlicker Says:
I have been using this for 5 days. I got a sample pack and it lasted for 10 uses... I think this is a great product to introduce you to the powers of whitening without any discomfort or time consumption. It’s quick, easy and the effects are noticeable. It only takes 2 minutes twice a day. After only 5 days I can see a difference, not dramatic but enough for me to actually notice a difference. There isn’t much taste at all. I have sensitive teeth and have noticed no additional sensitivity so it’s been a joy for me to use, unlike some whitening strips that make my teeth feel like they are going to fall out. I use the super smile then use my regular toothpaste and am done with it... I can’t wait to buy this... I am sure after a longer period of time the results will get better too... Two Enthusiastic Incisors up!!

Joyce says

Review- I have to agree with my fellow bloggers who felt the samples were too small to provide an opportunity to see if the product really does what it promises. Most OTC versions tell you it takes about three weeks before you really see the difference. Our samples lasted about one week. I recall one day giving myself a toothy smile in the mirror and thinking, Maybe my teeth are brighter. I agree with others that I had no sensitivity when I used it. Nor did I get a sample of the Quickee version to try, as well. I wish I could give you something more definite, but unless the company lets me try a larger sampling, all I can honestly say is I don’t know.

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