Monday, July 7, 2008

Review - Trader Joes' Tea Tree Lavender Dish Soap

So, I realize that this might be a funny post. First off it is for dish soap, you can't buy it on the internet (as far as I have found), and I'm sure not everyone has a Trader Joe's close enough that a trip over for dish soap would be feasible. But, I'm telling you, this is the most fantastic dish soap I have ever used! I am desperately in love with it, in fact I am on my third bottle and I refuse to purchase anything else. It has a really fun color (magenta) which obviously isn't really that important, but a fun fact never-the-less. It also has the most pleasant, earthy, relaxing, fragrance. In fact, the reason I finally decided to review it was because I had a dinner party yesterday, and the scent from the clean-up was so nice that my guests actually commented on it!
The soap suds up really well, I think, and the natural essential oils actually leave your hands soft and nice feeling. It isn't tested on animals, and is super green and eco friendly as well. For the price, under $4.00 for 16oz is really light on the purse too. I strongly approve and recommend this product!

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Norma said...

No suds. I use twice as much as the bad old stuff.