Friday, July 18, 2008

Review - Revlon Skinlights Instant Skin Brightener

Instant luminosity from a pump. This Sheer, oil-free*, Lightweight Skin-Brightening Lotion feels silky smooth. The unique Formula features Light-reflective Crystals and Skin-enhancing minerals to instantly Brighten Skin, Soften flaws and boost Radiance. Wear it over Bare Skin For instant luminosity, or With foundation For luminosity With more coverage Vitamins A, C & E and SPF 15 help improve and protect Skin. No animal, mineral or vegetable oil.

I love this little tube of Illuminator. It is super hard to find, in fact the color I have to use is sold out on Amazon, but you can usually find it in Big Lots, or Job Lots, or whatever your favorite close-out place is, (check your dates ladies!) it is worth the search. I am 24, I have very light blond hair and a fair complexion, I tan somewhat in the summer if I am not super careful. I am also the type of person who just won't do mineral concealer, I don't like to be matte, I like to look pearly, if that makes sense. Not like I'm all oily, just vivid. I am blessed with good skin, I never use concealer it just makes me look too made up, so I love a lotion with just a hint of color, like this one. Do we all remember Glowtion from the mid-nineties??, yeah I loved it. Anyway, I use this Illuminator on top of a lotion in the winter (because I lean towards the dry side) and alone in the summer. It has an SPF 15, I know not awesome, if your really concerned you could use a higher SPF underneath very easily. When I wear it I always get compliments, it just makes you glow. A little goes a long way though, one or two pumps will smooth over your entire face, don't go crazy or you might look like you just went for a very long jog on a humid summer day. You might need to try a few times before you master the effect, but once you do you will look awesome!

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