Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Review- Abrione Clean Slate Facial Cleanser Normal to Dry

Not your ordinary facial wash, Clean Slate Facial Cleanser contains bioactive ingredients to help purify, clarify, exfoliate and revitalize your complexion. Aloe vera gel helps prevent inflammation and botanical extracts help brighten and protect the skin from the adverse effects of the environment. $24 for 4 oz., $35 for 8 oz. (bigger sizes available)

This is a really good, thorough cleanser for normal to dry skin. My skin is more on the "dry to dry" side, so I would only use this cleanser in the warm summer months. I really like the herbal smell of this product and the fact that Aloe is the first ingredient it lists. It has AHA's and pineapple extract in it to exfoliate. The cleanser took away any dullness and left my skin feeling clean. I generally use pre-moistened make-up remover cloths at night, but I will be using this every other time I wash. A dime sized amount of this stuff cleans my whole face, so it's definitely worth the money. I'm looking forward to trying other products in the Abrione line.

CitySlicker Says:
Clean Slate left my skin with a clean slate, without drying or any flaking. The scent is light and has a light herbal fragrance. It quickly washed away all of my makeup minus mascara. I have had no reactions or breakout since using. My skin is hydrated and plump after each use, if definitely replenished after a long day!

Movie Maven Says:
You know that gel they put in a tray at the dentist's office and then put on your teeth? The intense fluoride treatment stuff? Imagine using that as a facial cleanser, and you will get the approximate experience of Abrione's Clean Slate Facial Cleanser. It smells exactly like the mint flavor of that fluoride stuff, so much so that I wanted to have a suction tube in my mouth to get rid of the excess spit. It's a moderately-foaming cleanser, which is fine, but the main thing that happens after you use it is a weird, cool feeling on your face. It feels so bizarre, especially in the eye area, for about five minutes or so after washing. I don't know if that means it's working or what, but it's kind of amazing/disturbing. The best feature of the cleanser was that although it's formulated for normal/oily skin, it wasn't over-drying, which can sometimes be an issue. Overall, I liked it, but the dentist's office smell really got to me, so I don't know if I'd like using it on a regular basis.

Deedlejuse Says:
I'm gonna have to agree with Movie Maven on this one. This clean slate cleanser was a bit much. It worked as wonderfully as everyone else said, but it was just so strong. At first I thought I was just using it wrong, but unfortunately this cleanser makes my eyes burn and feel very uncomfortable for the next couple of minutes. I might just be sensitive, but it was not for me. If you can stand it though your face looks wonderful after use, and it does clean pores in minutes. I really wish it didn't hurt me so much, because it might be the best no no-nonsense cleanser I have ever tried. Hopefully you can try it first to make sure you aren't a wimp like me, because if you can use it you will be thrilled!

Joyce says:

Review- My in-her-50s skin found this cleanser a little drying, and it continued to feel dry after I applied moisturizer. However . . . here’s a benefit I didn’t expect (and demonstrates that it really is a good cleanser): it’s the best eye makeup remover I’ve ever discovered. I wear contacts (including in the tub). I’ve used soap to remove my waterproof mascara, etc., for years because, with or without contacts in, any product that had even a light amount of oil in it, got into my contacts. Not good. Soap takes mascara off my eyelashes, but leaves raccoon rings around my eyes that I use moisturizer to get off. So, for providing me with t.h.e. best eye makeup remover (even though this wasn’t their intention), I tip my hat to Arbrione. I did not experience the “strange” or stinging sensation around or in my eyes my fellow bloggers did.

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