Saturday, July 26, 2008

Review- Smashbox Wicked Lovely Lip Gloss

This lip gloss is from the yet to be released Smashbox "Wicked Lovely" Fall Collection. My color is Sultry and it's a deep wine purple with a hint of shimmer. Now that may sound daunting to some, but I swear it even looks good on me and I'm ghostly pale! I would say any tone of skin with cool undertones could use this color. It's so perfect for fall and winter. I've seen the whole collection and it's all about smokey eyes and either very dark or very light lips. I didn't see any "in-between" lip colors. This gloss is rich without being goopey and stays on like a champ. And even my dry shriveled lips were moisturized with this formula. It's nice to wear a lip color and not have to worry about putting on lip balm every half hour. I got a matching lip pencil which I'll review after and the combination is great. When you see this at Sephora (or anywhere for that matter) this fall, try it on your hand. You'll be shocked at the wearability of the color!

Deedlejuse says:
The thing I love the best about writing for this site is I get to try colors and smells I would not necessarily choose myself. The color I was sent is called Coy, I absolutely adore it, it is not a color I would have chosen myself because in the packaging it is deceptively tan looking. In all actuality it is a velvety pink once applied to the lips, and one of the most wearable colors I have encountered in lip gloss. I am pretty sure it would work on just about any skin tone. The wonderful texture of the gloss is silky, and like Hillary said rich, but it doesn't feel sticky (a real pet peeve of mine). It lasts a long time, even without lip pencil. I would say this lip gloss really is "wicked" lovely. Please note I am from MA and up here wicked=awesome!

Sheba says:

Me, three. Their colors seem very adaptable to every one's face and coloring. Mine is Sweet and it is sweet but not ridiculously sweet-looking. It is a little difficult to try to describe a color as we each see something different in the various shades. There are just so many variations of pink and red. Okay, I will try to give my impressions but don't hold me to them. It is almost like a pink cotton candy but not exactly. It is a softer pink-almost a frosted look which is nice. It looks very nice on and it has an innocent appearance which can be appealing. I think it looks good on my light skin and will also look as well on my fake tan skin when I do apply tanning to it. It is very silky on and not too thick as some glosses tend to be. I find it has some staying power but I am able to make all glosses and lipsticks disappear after a short time. Accordingly I am never without a few to reapply as needed. This is a definite keeper.

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