Sunday, July 6, 2008

Review- Chi Nano Digital Technology Ceramic Hair Styling Flat Iron

  • Nano Technology

  • Sterilizes and kills bacteria

  • Digital control options 302-356 F or 150-180 C in only 6-10 seconds

  • Saves energy - CHI is only using 20-25 Watts of Electricity

  • 3 Temperature Settings

Ok, you should know first that I am a hair spazz. I have no God-given talent for styling hair. But if you've read my review of the Chi Nano Technology Hair Dryer (see here), these days I've gotten help. One of my new helpers is the Chi Nano Digital Technology Ceramic Flat Iron. It helps whip my hair into shape on even the most humid of days. I like to flip the ends of my hair this way and that for the tousled look. While I haven't gotten the technique just right, my hair looks great if I use this iron- especially on days I don't wash my hair. I simply run this iron through turning out the ends of my hair and it goes manageability into shape. It has 3 heat settings and it heats in the blink of an eye. My previous experience with a flat iron had not been good. Basically I burnt my thumb. Luckily this iron is designed to make that next to impossible. This is a professional level tool which I'm quickly learning is half the reason your hairdresser can turn out amazing hair. I'm not saying my hair looks like it does from the salon, but it's so much better than it was. This iron is definitely a sound investment.

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