Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Review- Face Atelier Lip Rx

An elegant remedy for sore, chapped lips. Indulge your lips with silky-smooth Lip RX, which lightly tints as it moisturizes and protects them from the elements. It provides organic ultra-violet protection, and is chock-full of anti-oxidants and essential oils.

I usually have really horrible lipstick and gloss issues. I put it on, it looks awesome, and then it clumps up around my lips or runs around on my lips in strange ways and then just rubs off immediately. I'm a little scared of lipstick. I'm not sure if my lips are just mutant or what, but it seems to work fine for everyone else. It scares me.... I tried Face Atelier Lip Rx hesitantly, but it was for dry lips and seemed to just be a nice hint of color. (I have the color "Sahara"). I put it on and walked around the house cleaning and talking on the phone for about 2 hours, then went back to check out what might have happened to my lips in the meantime. There was still a beautiful hint of color, no weirdness going on, and my lips were soft and lovely looking. I recommend this highly for the lipstick phobic.

Hillary says:

I too have the Face atelier Lip RX in Sahara and it is the perfect hint of color for people like me who are not huge fans of lip gloss. It is a very natural nude and I venture to say it is sheer enough to be worn by just about anyone. I am the queen of dry lips (not a title I relish, believe me) so anything that adds moisture to my lips is very welcome. I've also been using this as a lipstick base for my reds with great results; it doesn't clump at all. This lip conditioner also comes in clear.

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