Sunday, July 27, 2008

Review - M.B. Carey Scrub

There is, to be sure, a lot to like about Carey Ingredients' salt scrub. It's made with all natural ingredients, it's moisturizing, and it really does work to scrub away the dead layers of skin. However, the main issue I have is that it's extremely difficult to apply. Although it has natural oils in it, the scrub itself is the consistency of coarse sand, the sand right between the wet sand and the dry sand. Because it's relatively dry, you have to dole out just the right amount to make sure it actually sticks to your body and does its job. The other thing is the scent. It comes in three: Citrus and Spice, which sounds lovely, Lavender/Mint, which might be nice, and Patchouli/Pine, which I got. It smells like Santa's workshop, if all of the elves in Santa's workshop were hippies. Let's just say that you really need to like pine to like this scent. Like...REALLY. All in all, it's a fine product, and is, in fact, quite functional, but sadly the pine was too overpowering for me. Maybe a man would like this scent better?

Sheba says:
Why, oh why, didn't I pick the Citrus and Spice???? I have the Lavender and Mint - and to say I am not a Lavender fan is putting it mildly. I think the scrub does work wonderfully. I noticed that I had to hold it in my hand(s) under water for a few seconds to get it to the right consistency to really do its job. Once I had that down pat I found that it did exfoliate the dead cells very nicely and left smooth, silky skin. However, the fragrance was enough to knock me out. It is very strong -- perhaps I just thought it was strong as I do not really care for Lavender. I did get some of the mint but the Lavender just flooded my senses. I bet I would love that effect with the Citrus and Spice so I am not going to make a harsh judgement on the scent. The company cannot be blamed for me having the wrong scent for my nose. I realize I am an exception - Lavender is a favorite scent among a lot of the population and those people will probably fall in love with this scrub in the Lavender and Mint scent. I think I will remember that anything citrus is good for me. Now I need to track down the Citrus and Spice and I will be all set.

Deedlejuse Says:
I picked the Patchouli and Pine Scrub from this company. The smell was alright, it was super natural and very earthy. If you respect Patchouli for it's healing and relaxing properties, or you just love Patchouli (yes there are those out there who just love that smell) this is the scent for you. The pine adds a very nice acid, to make it super spicy. Honestly I also had an issue with how spicy it was, and I love spicy soaps, so just make sure your up for it. The salt itself was really just that: bath salts with essential oils added to them. I had a really hard time making it stick to me, and found it difficult to find how much exactly was the perfect amount. It did leave my skin quite soft, but I think I wasted a lot of product trying to get it to stick to me. On a side note: I tried using it on my face to see what would happen, and it was really abrasive and almost painful, and I don't have particularly sensitive skin. Stick to feet, elbows, and knees for this scrub!

Joyce says:

Review- I have the Lavender-Mint which contains oils, essential oils of lavender, peppermint, plus dried lavender. I like the spa-like scent and sensation of this coarse salt, and that I feel I just treated myself to something special when I use it. It left my skin feeling clean and tingly. I did not use it on my face; and I advise that if you intend to use the salt and shave your legs, use the salt first. I did it the other way around. Nothing drastic or long-lasting happened, but salt on such open pores is not the sensation most of us seek. When I want to make sure my skin is quite touchable, I make sure I use this product during my bath.

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