Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Review - Clean Logic Body Wash

Nopal plants are indigenous to Mexico and have been used for centuries to cure an array of ailments. Most notably, Nopal is known for its deep healing and anti-inflammatory properties with antioxidants that can help neutralize the harmful effects daily activities and stress can have on the skin. Nopal can even help to prevent wrinkles, balance skin tone and moisturize to keep skin looking youthful.
Clean Logic Body Washes were developed using the finest ingredients to maximize our unique scents. Using refreshing, clean and calming fragrances, Clean Logic brings the luxury and decadence of the spa to your home
enjoy with nopal, sugar & rice extracts. 11.5 fl.oz $12.99

This is a very luxurious feeling body wash. It suds up beautifully while doing its great body cleansing. There are 3 choices, 'enjoy,' 'relax' and 'refresh.' I hate to say it but my 'enjoy' steals the thunder from the others. It is very relaxing and refreshing. I bet that they are too. However, this wash does leave your skin feeling very clean and refreshed. I do think the skin tone seems a bit better since using this. I will vouch for the healing properties they mention. I had a few little boo boos on me and they calmed down and feel better after using this. NO, I am not saying it healed them. It did make them feel less achey and more on their way to heal. I cannot define the scent but it is very pleasant and refreshing. It is far from overpowering and does not remain with you for long so there is no chance that it might collide with your choice of scent for the day. Some body washes have scents that linger too long. This does not. It does cost a bit more than I usually pay but it is efficient. You do not need much so it is going to last longer than my less expensive washes. In the long run this might actually work out to be less expensive since it is lasting so long. My opinion is that it is worth the cost even if it is a little higher as it does the job extremely well without drying the skin. As a matter of fact your skin will feel very hydrated and it requires less moisturizer.

Deedlejuse says:

Honestly, I'm kind of jealous of Sheba! The Enjoy sounds wonderful, the idea of sugar and rice extracts sounds super exotic and lovely. The flavor I tried was the "Refresh" with spearmint, and I must say it was very refreshing. Thankfully the scent was rather light, I don't think I could handle spearmint in the morning if it were too strong, this was just light and breezy. The feeling it leaves you with is sort of, I don't know, fortified. I don't know if that makes any sense, but I just feel like my skin is tougher (in a good way) and silkier. I have confidence in my healthy, vibrant looking skin after I use it. In my opinion that is really all that anyone can ask for in a shower gel. While $12.99 is really expensive for 11.5 ounces, I have to agree with Sheba again in how little you need to use. I have been using everyday for the last 2 weeks, and I would say it looks like I have used it for about 2 days. I'm a fan. Enjoy.......
Maria says:
I got the chance to try this in "Relax" a kind of citrusy scented lovely shower gel. It adds a silkiness and softness to the skin and I love using it on my legs before shaving - they feel super smooth after. Like the girls above attest, a little goes a long way - I will use the whole bottle, no question. The one caveat is that I wish shower gels came in a pump bottle. It's kind of tought to manuever in the shower - opening the cap, pouring some out onto your loofa or facecloth - I would love the idea of just pumping this - then it would truly be the perfect bottle of body wash!

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